This one isn't a love one, but it is still important

My Brother Edit

You can have the love,
You can have the fame,
I just want some of
Your courage and no shame

Even though I am taller
I am kinder and less fat
You the brother who's smaller
But somehow that's that

Everyone knows I can jump higher
And I have always done my best
I get into my green attire
And get you out of your mess

It doesn't matter if you've been captured by ghosts
Or if you are a baby
I have never said "Should I save him? Maybe..."
No, I have saved you but you still get the most
Recognition and love
You're the ultimate hero
I have had enough
I am just a zero

I am always scared
Always being frightened
If I were to be dared
I would hide unenlightened

We are the Mario brothers
But it's always the same
We go with eachother
But you get all the fame
You're Mario with the princess
I'm just Luigi, I'm not a poser
You go fight Bowser to the death
While my archenemy is Waluigi, the loser

I still love you
You are my brother
We go together like
Bread and butter
But I guess that I'm the butter
Because you can go without me
But have you ever had butter by itself?
That crap is nasty

The end Edit

That was dedicated to my older brothers... Both of them
I love you
I wish I could just get a little bit of the recognition
See: A Poem About Love, Journey of Love: Another Nerdy Poem and Another nerdy love Poem

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