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If you tell me that I should stop lying and be who I am I will. If you like the tomboy and emo me I will be myself but unless you said so I won’t. You know it’s hard to be myself because I’m afraid. What if no one will accept me? What if they only laugh at me? I can’t take that. I hate pretending but it’s my only chance to have friends.

If I began telling them how much I like playing mech quest and dragon fable. How much I like blood and how much I like black and hate pink. Do you think I they will still like to be my friend? As much as I hate lying there’s nothing I could do but lie.

I love backstabbing. I love being the center of attraction. I’m jealous of everyone. I’m boastful but I keep it all to myself. I boast only when I’m talking to my parents. I keep my jealousy to myself. It was hard. I felt like my heart is being stab everytime.

I have enough! But I can’t show who I am because I became who I really am I’ll be alone with no friends at all. I don’t know what to do. Pretending hurts me. I HATE LYING but there’s nothing I could do so I will just keep pretending and hide my true self.

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