Nadine Elizabeth Garcia Edit

Nadine is the princess of Kalemdia, and the only child of King Eliot and Queen Dianna.As far as everyone knew she is the strongest and most powerful magician of Kalemdia.

Nadine Elizabeth
Princesss Nadine
Vital Statistics
Date of Birth {{{date of birth}}}
Current age 100?
Gender Female
Family Father: King Idiot(Eliot)
Status Alive
Eye Color Blue
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Alias Cassandra
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Species magician
Home Kalemdai
Appearances Land of Kalemdai


She has blue green straight hair.that turns violet during the night.

she's cute. You'll usually see her wearing a ribbon.She has pale white skin.She looks like a doll,but don't be fooled by her looks she's a troublemaker.

History Edit

Being born after the Invasion of Humans,Nadine's life is pretty quite and peaceful.

Though she's a troublemaker.

List of things she have done:

1.Paste her teacher on the wall

2.Transport a human from earth(twice)

3.Blow the moon up

4.Create a solar eclipes (Magicians belives its the end of the world if a solar eclipes happens)

5.Turn the castle upside down

6.turn Jeremy into a lion