Damned? You don't know the meaning. Hope? We've all but forgotten about it.

When we started this journey, it seemed like an endless story of triumph and loss. I was wrong. It's a journey of will, strength and fear.

I'm writing this for all the future Champions, but mainly for the ones like us. Ones like my brother. Ones like my parents. Ones like... me. The ones that either call themselves or will be dubbed, Ultimates.

What's an Ultimate? Well, there are many kinds. My brother Laser, for example, is a Jumper. He can teleport from place to place in the blink of an eye. My friends Aaron, Cole and Jax, are what society calls, Seers. They can see into your mind, read it and sometimes control it.

Then there's Perez and Jax's little brother Roy, who are called Wheelers. Thye have the ability to run at amazing speeds, react immediately to things and have amazing reflexes and senses. Also, Bursters are pyromancers. Like our resident Bursters, Sam and Taryn. Breakers, well... break things. They have almost uncontrollable strength and stamina. Brock, Aaron and Cole's cousin, is the only Breaker.


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