The sun is setting, but he's still not here. She expected him two hours ago. She sits down on the sandy beach and sighs. The sunset is calming, just the right mixture of blues, oranges, purples, and pinks. But it doesn't matter. He's always doing this. She takes out her cell and sends a quick text.

"Never Mind. Clearly it isn't worth it," it reads.

Deep down she is not angry, she is miserable. She went through so many preparations for tonight. She decides to go home. On the drive home, she sees his parents... and sister... and... her own family, too. And many others. They appear to all be... grieving? No, that can't be it.

But... where is he?

She drives over and gets out of the car. Just as she does, the groups heads into the cemetery.

But... where is he?

She walks in as well. Then she sees what the group is looking at. A freshly dug up spot, with a little sign by it, showing who is buried there, and when they died, since there is no grave yet.

It says his name.

And yesterday's date.

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