I was dying, I know that. I was coughing blood, but I keep hiding it. My fever is high but I won't let anyone touch me. I'm not suppose to go out yet I keep on saying yes when you asked me out on a date. I feel like a chaeter, dating you while I have a boyfriend. He knows nothing about us, about my sickness.

You were sad because I refuse to hold hands, but I hope you'll understand I just don't want my life to end. For you to find out that I am no longer strong as I appear.

My worst nightmare came to life, he saw us together and then I saw pain in his eyes. He wasn't angry not does he hates me bt rather he was sad and broken inside. I ran towards him, leaving you alone in the rain.

"Please, its not what you think." I told him over and over again, tears were running down my eyes. I love him too as I love you. He put his hand on my hair and then he smiled.

"I believe you." That's what he said and I was happy once again and slowly my eyesight began getting blurry and the last thing that I saw was the tears on your eyes.


I opened my eyes as I hear the two of you screaming like monsters at each other, fighting like there was no tomorrow, blaming each other.

"" I manage to say. They both stop yelling at each other and sat beside me. Their eyes were full of concern. Behind them were my other friends with flowers on their hands for once they agree on what I feel and they support me.

"Joyce, I love you please don't leave us. You're important to us without you our life will be filled with sorrow and grief." You said while holding my hand I shook my head.

"This is my last wish please listen to me. There are many fishes on the sea just as Archie keeps on saying. Once I'm gone please promse that you two will find someone else and Rea and Jackson please stop hidding your feelings to each other, montes even though I'm gone continue our dream."


Three years later Rea and Jackson were married. Montes was an astronaut. Until now the boys were still alone and every year during her birtday they never fail to come.

It was during her birthday that year that they saw a three year old girl running around the cementary. She has dark brown eyes and black hair just like their Joy.Later on the girl was pick up by a woman probably her mother.

"I'm sorry if my daughter cause any trouble. My name is Milette by the way."

"My name is Archie and this is Jasper. We were visiting our friend."

"Is that so? I was just visiting my husband it was our anniversary today."

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