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Frizzy hair, bags under eyes.

No more excuses, no more lies.

Test tomorrow- Cram tonight!

And a 10 page paper- Keep on the light!

Frazzled nerves, I'm gonna snap soon

I've been doing research since noon!

Overload, gotta reboot the 'puter.

Man, I should've gotten a tutor!

Check the clock- 5 AM?!

I'll never procrastinate again!

Oh man, I'm so dead!

I should've listened when my teacher said,

"Don't put it off, or it'll never get done."

Instead, I just had some fun.

Now here I sit, alone in my room,

Drinking some coffee- need to go ZOOM!

Typing so fast, I'm breaking the keys.

Whoops. Hope nobody sees.

Almost done- two more pages!

Man, I haven't written in ages.

No time for visitors, nor for a party.

Dude, I should hire a smarty.

My paper is crap-

and I'm sure they could do it in a snap.

I think it's a little late to cheat-

But if I don't pass, I'm dead meat!

Oh no, I have to leave at six-

And there's still the spelling to fix!

It's 5:30 am- and I'm not done,

Procrastinating is never fun!

I run out the door to catch the bus.

I better get an A for all this fuss!

I check my watch one time more-

Oh, my head just got much more sore.

I groan. "Oh, man," I say.

I remembered there's no school today.


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