The weary traveler rests,

Seeking a moment of brief repose.

Yet her respite is short,

Her feet carrying her onwards.

She begs for more time,

But no mercy is shown.

She continues on the winding road,

Stretching past the horizon.

Her journey never ends,

She is doomed to walk forever.

Her heart is heavy with grief,

But her mask reveals nothing.

Her bones ache with weariness,

Her heart aches with bitterness.

Happiness is but fleeting,

Replaced all too soon with misery.

It is the only emotion she truly knows,

Though no longer can she weep.

Sorrow surrounds her,

Hopelessness encloses her.

Each day the space grows smaller,

The walls closing in.

She is trapped,

Trapped with no way out.

A dark figure - a monster - follows her,

Lashing out and yelling.

She despises him,

Hatred fills her being.

Yet he is always there,

Pursuing her to the day he dies.

Her heart is closed off from him,

Because she knows he cannot be trusted.

And so she continues on her journey,

Each step filled with fatigue.

She puts on a show for those around her,

Her mask on, always pretending.

She laughs and smiles like she's okay,

And the fools never suspect a thing.

It's all a facade - she's not okay,

She never has been, never will be.

She's weary of the world,

She longs to disappear.

She has no choice but to continue on,

Burdened with the weight of her despair.

For every mile she walks,

Another two appear.

Her journey never ends,

She is doomed to walk forever.

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