chapter 1

I called Sky of course no answer there hadn’t been one in years not since her dad died i walked around New-Hope aprching the mall where me and the gang used to hang out head lost in memories of days past the air was cold and crisp with a hint of oaranges the sky was the colour of wet cement threatening another snow fall a few flakes whipped bye . It was late December and it was minus 20-30 the air suddenly was filled with the song your gonna go far kid i looked down at my phone to see the caller I.D it told me Sky Fairbrook was calling i was genuinely shocked because the last thing she said to any of us was that she Never wanted to talk to us again but of course i would not let her go i called every Christmas, her birth day and her favourite day June 6th which was the day i meat her i quickly answered the pone “hello Sky" i said nonchalantly "hi" came the response " long time no speak" i said "yeah" she said "Sky why were you avoiding me?" i asked

"because i quit the gang and wanted no contact " she said "so did I almost two years ago" i replied "What you did Why?" she asked " um it was not the same after you left you know what i am talking about?” i replied “yeah” she said quietly “... you know i wold like to see my old friend to catch up and talk." i said "well i am on my way to the mall meat you at Joe's coffee a 7:30?" she said " ill be there i said as i entered the mall walking past a mirror in front of Jean’s Jeans stooping to look in it my flame red hair laying on my back my black jacket and jeans only amping the colour and my mirrored sunglasses i walked closer and took them off and stared at my crimson eyes "why do i look so tired?" i wondered out loud rubbing the scar along my right eye. i put my glasses back on before i walked towards the food court memories flooding back "hey James check out this game" called Kyle"Look at this book" raven

"hey look at this movie it looks awesome"Sky called in my mind i fought back tears remembering the day that.... i quickly shook my head to clean out the memories

i walked out the exit doors and headed across the street towards joe's coffee it had started to snow it was cold i noticed that i could see my breath

i walked into joe's and sat at an empty table near the front window looking out at the snow covered city it was mid December the clock chimed telling me that it was

7:30 the sun had already set and the street lamps casted an orange glow on the snow which was covering the streets due to the snowplows not

being in commission and people would rather walk on this street anyways i sighed noticing that the waiter was approaching me Hi welcome to... she did not finish as i turned around

Alice i said "James" came the reply "i am waiting for somone ill order when they get here okay" i said she looked at me noticing my off mod

" memories again?" she asked "yeah" i said as she gave my shoulder a squeeze before walking away i looked at the clock 7:50 " huh" Sky was late " at least some things don’t change after all this time"

"Alice" i called she came over "can i have a french vanilla cappuccino with whipped cream and caramel topping?" that all she asked "for now"

"ill be back with your drink" she said with a smile i turned to look out side the snow had started to pick up slightly as Alice promised she was there in a fem munits

with my drink "James" she started as she sat down "you can't blame your self for what happened" I turned sharply "I CAN'T WHY THE HELL NOT ? IF IT WERE NOT FOR ME HE STILL BE HERE AND MABYE THINGS WOULD HAVE ENDEED DIFFRINTLY" i screamed startling a sleeping man who was drunk out of his mind and was the only other customer. I slammed my fists down before regaining my composure and sighed "topic change what happened to your dead beat boy friend Paul?" i asked quickly getting off topic

she frowned " he got up and left last year you really ought a come by more often" she said we talked for a bit before her dad yelled "Alice get back to work"

she laughed as she got up looked at the clock 8:30 i realized Sky blew me off so i got up and pulled a 10 from my pocket putting it on the table to pay the bill

and left the snow had stopped i sighed shivering in the cold as i pulled my coat up a little higher and walked down the street looking down at the ground

i pulled out my phone hopping to find a message or text explaining why she blew me off but nothing i walked to the old fair ground which was a little run down remembering all the fun we had there and my and sky's first date which was set up by the rest of our friends

i walked in and sat on the fairies wheel i got to the top that’s when i noticed Sky sitting on a park bench looking at the ground i waited tell the ride stopped and got off

i walked over "Sky" i said softly she did not even look up i sat down beside her which caused her to shuffle away from me i sighed knew who she was talking about

" you know his family called him away to Australia" she did not know he was actually dead had been for some time now 2 years to be exact and i did not want to

tell her. the wind piked up a little causing her to shiver as she clued in it was cold i pulled her close and put my jacket onto her she looked at me as i got up "Keep it" i said as i started to walk away

i stopped for a second "you know i miss him to some times" i returned to walking away thinking of my friends and how i met them it was 5-6 years ago that i met the gang Raven, kyle Bobby, Adam, Rachel (everyone called her Saph or sapphire), And Sky.

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