Nicole Jester
Third-class Frontline Soldier (119th squadron)
Vital Statistics
Date of Birth June 16, 1999
Current age 16
Gender Female
Family Abel Jester (Father), Catherine Jester (Mother), Pamela Jester (Twin Sister)
Status Alive
Eye Color Hazel
Hair Color Blonde
Height 5'5"
Alias Nikki J
Affiliation M.A.R.B.L.E. Corp. (North American Branch)
Weapons Twin Shotguns
Species Human
Home New Austin, TX.
Appearances Terra Invadum

Nicole is main heroine of the story, Terra Invadum.


Childhood YearsEdit

Nicole was born at an unknown hospital, located within the advanced city of New Austin in the state of Texas. There she lived out most of her toddler years at neighboring schools that usually had a large sponsorship of the United Military. This was primarily due in part to her family's long-time history as war veterans.

Terra InvadumEdit

Shall be coming along as the story progresses...

Abilities, Tools, and TraitsEdit

Personality and TraitsEdit

Nicole is known for being left-handed in terms of her dexterity. Her vision was also tested by military doctors to be near perfect, prior to her enrollment at the Houstonian Ruins.

Weapons and PowersEdit

Not much will be revealed at the moment...


  • Nicole's name was originally given the mysterious girl from the prologue during earlier development, but was instantly changed not only due to the lack of a name for the main character, but also for the fact that the prologue takes place about ninety-five years before the actual events of the story (around 1920). And back then, the name Nicole wasn't as popular then as it is now.

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