Norma Potter

Norma Potter

Vital Statistics
Date of Birth April 22th, 1985
Current age 35
Gender Female

None Known

Status Alive
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blonde
Height 5" 8' (172.5 cm)
Home Ironwood, West Virginia
Appearances Hidden Secrets

Norma Potter (born April 22, 1985) is a fictional character and protagonist in the story Hidden Secrets. She is quite adventurous and helps Jack Connor discover the Malacarium in the basement of the old town hall in Ironwood, West Virginia.

She says she has ADHD and ADD, and is unable to pay attention for long periods of time. She also hints towards dating Connor numerous times in the series.

She becomes good friends with Jack Connor.


Potter was born in Ironwood, West Virginia. It is there she learned to love paranormal activities, such as "ghost-hunting" and "spirit-searching". Due to the town's eerie history, her hobbies were never truly boring. As she grew up, she slowly lost this side of her and became a waitress at the local "Dig Deep Diner".

After Jack Connor came into the diner, she offered to help him by allowing him to move in her apartment with her. She also gave him a tour of the town, in which they investigate an odd sighting at the old town hall. In which she rediscovers her passion for the supernatural after discovering the Malacarium.

Hidden SecretsEdit




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