Death, oh yes, most people would say the dead are watching over you but he thought they were stupid. The dead were gone, gone and never coming back.

Perhaps he is being too harsh, and that is likely, but he still wanted to punch those who said death was just another adventure.

He almost had her, she was in his grip, but she slipped like like handling a seal underwater. Not enough time, that's what he thought. Not enough time to be with her, I wasted that on my job. Not enough time until she fades completely.

He was stupid in thinking she would return, yet he thought others were stupid for thinking the dead were happy where they were.

No one would be happy being apart from those he loved. At least, that's what he thought. Even if they were in paradise, he could never forget those he loved.

Lost, that's what she was. No not the TV show Lost, though he thought that was rather interesting, but her. His only and one true love. She was lost, the lost flower among the trees, the small pebble among the boulders.

Lost. He would never forget her, even though he never had enough time to be with her.


She was lost forever, because he hadn't spent enough time with her.

Lost, because he was too stupid to think his job was more important.

And he couldn't wait to see her again, no matter how long that took, because the lost can always be found.


Okay, for those of you who read my one-shots, do you think I should write happy things? I feel I have a knack for writing sad so I'm going to branch out and write happy things for once. All this sadness is making me, well, sad. I blame the music I listen to. Speaking of music, this song inspired me to write this.

And I give cookies to those who read my one-shots/stories/poems. I mean, without you guys I wouldn't even be writing. You may be wondering why I'm not making cake to give you, and well the cake is a lie. I'll give another cookie to whoever knows where that's from. It's an xbox 360 game.

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