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It's not fair,

It's not true,

It's a lie,


I'm sure.

I am dead,

I don't live,

Why am I still alive?

No, no, no...

It's not fair,

It's not right,

It's all wrong,

Why am I still alive?

Why did they save me?

It's all their fault...

I should've been dead by now,

Right now...

It's not fair that I live,

It's not fair that I didn't die,

It's not fair,

Life's not fair,

They all keep an eye on me,

So that I won't die...

It's not fair,

It's not true,

This isn't happening,

I should be dead...

I am in pain,

I want to scream,

I want to cry,

I need to die...

I hate my fate,

I hate my luck,

I don't need life,

I need to die...

But why,

Why am I still alive?

This is a dream,

It's all a lie,

I fear to live,

I want to die...

(to my unfortune, I was saved... I woke up in a hospital... today my mom brought me my laptop, and my dad looks pretty mad...)

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