Nova is the main character of The Decarion Race

Nova Bellatrix Angelo
Contestant for the 35th Decarion Race
Vital Statistics
Date of Birth July 15th, 3523
Current age 14
Gender female
Family Deceased mother and father

Jay Angelo

Status Alive
Eye Color Dark blue
Hair Color Jet Black
Height 5'9
Alias Bella
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Weapons {{{weapons}}}
Species Human
Home Fort Stone
Appearances The Decarion Race



Nova's father was an Iron Worker and her mother was a music teacher at the school in Fort Stone. Her dad's name was Rhett. Her mother's name was Julietta.


When Nova was 3 and Jay was 6, their father died in an accident at work, leaving only their mother to support them. Julietta was able to support her family, but only for a few years. When Nova was 6, her mother was fired from her job and they were able to live off saved up money for another few years. When Nova was 9 though, her mother became gravely ill. She died following her illness and left Jay and Nova to fend for themsleves. They have survived since by selling chicken eggs, and the chickens themselves.


Nova is a loner at school and is mean and sarcastic to her brother at times. She is truly quiet and worriesome but can be loud and violent when she needs to be.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Nova has jet black hair and dark blue eyes. Her hair came from her father and her eyes came from her mother. She is 5'9 in height and is fairly skinny. She usually keeps her hair tied back, but on occasion she will wear it down. She has fair skin and is usually described as good-looking, but not pretty.


She's a descently good runner and can climb trees. She is agile and good with daggers. She's slighyl aftaid of killing but will harm somebody for self-defense.

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