There is only one immortal,

And that is mortality,

There is only one reason we still live,

And that is Death,

Because some think there is a world,

A world on the other side,

To be visited so you can find the lost souls,

And return them to the living world,

To be Orpheus seeking Eurydace,

But he failed,

Because he looked at her,

And so Eurydace faded from view forever,

And returned to the realm of Lord Hades,

Who watches over the fallen,

And Thanatos, god of Death,

He has no mercy,

Death is forever,

So we must love those that live,

Lest we lose everything,

Only memories, and without memories,

The dead are gone forever,

So memories must be forged from silk,

And tied into our hearts until we too leave this world,

And there will be no Orpheus,

Because Eurydace can't be saved.

I am the dragonlord, I am the king, The Return Of The King 03:40, February 21, 2013 (UTC)

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