This book will immediately self-destruct after you read it. We are not responsible in any way whatsoever for burns, broken bones, broken necks, and who-knows-what-else. Remember: the following information is highly confidential. Reveal it, and well, you don't want to know what'll happen.

Somewhat of an IntroductionEdit

Outsiders call our school the Hale Institute. But those in the know call it the School of Secrets. Within its walls are some of the most highly coveted secrets in the world. Secrets that people would kill to know (and I'm not kidding when I say kill.) Secrets that could tear this world apart. Because you see, I don't go to a normal school. I go a school for spies.

My name is Adeline Kinge. I am a master of disguise and am fluent in three languages and am currently learning a fourth. My peers are: Jacqueline Blachfleur, Arash Gallagher, Summer Ochoa, Will Clarke, Armando Elias, Katy Vegas, Michael Jones, Katherine Alexia, and Kurt von Rothstein.

(First paragraph written by Angel) (Second paragraph written by TPYLE)

History of the Hale InstituteEdit

Bonjour. Mon nom est Jacqueline Blanchefleur, mais la plupart des gens m'appellent Jack. Quoi qu'il en soit, je suis censé vous parler de l'histoire de l'Institut Hale, de sorte que j'ai posté un essai que je devais écrire pour l'histoire ci-dessous. Ne vous plaignez pas si vous ne l'aimez pas.

Hello. My name is Jacqueline Blanchefleur, but most people call me Jack. Anyways, I'm supposed to tell you about the history of the Hale Institute, so I posted an essay I had to write for History below. Don't complain if you don't like it.

The Hale Institute was founded by the CIA and the FBI in 1950, shortly after World War II ended. Its purpose was to train future spies, agents, and assassins. The NSA joined the group later, in 1954. Since then we have trained over 1000 spies, agents, and assassins.

Our cover is that we are a school for geniuses, which really isn't that far from the truth.

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