"All it takes is one bad day."

                                      -The Killing Joke, by Alan Moore

I am completely sane! I am! I just bad a bad day, really honestly! The stress of the world just got to me, my wife, she kept going on about the state of our house, about the kids, how we we're one step away from living on the streets in a few days.

Then I had clarity, Oh such sweet clarity! and I saw the truth, I killed her yes, thats the truth! but it made sense! her death would get rid of the stress! the truth that I learned that in life, maddness is the only Sane thung in the world! On course I knew that I still had to get rid of the stress, so I sent my kids to heaven! It is compleatly sane! they wouldn't see the world as it truly was!

Huh! what are you doing! were or you taking me? I am sane! I got in my car and drove to my boss' home, I took a knife with me, I would take him way from this world. I noticed so many people, still thinking they were sane! ha! I have true sanity, I know how this world works!

I stabbed my boos, then his wife, then the poilce showed up and caught me, I did manage to free two of those poor souls. Then they dragged me here to the asylum, even thou I am the sane one

Where are we now *Electric shocks* Ahhhh! AHhh! I am not insane, i am not insane, I am not insane, I AM NOT INSANE! I am compleatly and utterly sane.

I am not crazy! YOU ARE! but don't worry, maybe YOU'LL HAVE A BAD DAY!

Written for the contest about insanity!

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