Yadachan 000738909

He was born Roseprier Guilotine, living in a small village in France in the year 2108. As a child he already showed himself to be very capable in any field he decided to take up. After his Grauduation from Special Military School of Saint-Cyr (That is actually a real school). He went into advanced medical techonogy and weapons testing, becoming the top scientist at both facillities.

During an acident working on the weapons facillity most of his biological body was lost, luicky due to advanced medical techquies and tech, they managed to peice him back togethor in the form you see now.

Deciding since he made most of the techology that made him and was very high on morphine, he renamed himself Overmind and decided that he would use his techology to force human evolution in his own image.

He was soon kick out of any millitary establishment for illegal experiments and was forced to work with various underground crime syndicates to continue his goals. He soon married the hier of the most Prominet crime family in that group, the Angolans. He (Somehow) had two children with her.

He is suspected to be involved in at least fifty kidnappings in order to get test subjects, Most of which either have interesting medical quriks or were enemies of the Angolans. Acording to various rumors he has also done this to his own family.

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