It's what all older siblings feel,

Like my brother does,

And thats one thing I hate about him,

Believe me,

There are other reasons to hate him too.

Let me tell you this,

He uses me,

But why does he if he has this sickness called,



He says he does not care,

But why does he,

If he does?


He says he'd rather die himself instead of letting me,

But why does he?

It's called "selfish" not "caring".

I hate him,

He cares.



He doesn't,

He just lies,



He does.

He lies,

Just to make me feel good,

But I won't,

And it won't help at all,

Because I'm a different person,

I don't belong here.

I hate my brother,

He hates me back.


That makes sence.

I don't want to live,

He forces me to,

That's not caring,

That's selfish.

I hate him.

He hates me back.

I hate and he does too.

We are rivals,

And we shouldn't have been born in this one family,

To be brothers,

Because we are rivals,

And will always be.

(if you're curious what my brother's name is, it's Kai.)

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