Pauline Faraday
Vital Statistics
Date of Birth April 28, 1902
Current age 18
Gender Female
Family Harriet Faraday (Mother), John Faraday (Father)
Status Alive
Eye Color Violet
Hair Color Brown
Height 5'8"
Alias Polly
Affiliation Unknown
Weapons Unknown
Species Human
Home Beneville, North Dakota (Formerly)
Appearances Terra Invadum

Pauline is a main character in the story, Terra Invadum.


Childhood YearsEdit

Not much is known about Pauline's times as either an infant or a toddler, though it was highly suggested that she had a small group of close friends to play around with and was usually very nice and sweet. Being raised in the farming town of Beneville, she was known for being quite diligent despite her age, but at some point in time she started to become secluded as she grew older.

Terra InvadumEdit

Shall be revealed as the story progresses...

Abilities, Tools, & TraitsEdit

This piece of information shall also be coming soon as the story really progresses...


  • At first, Pauline's name was actually Nicole, but was soon after changed due to the chronological paradox it created. Nicole was then given to the main heroine of the story.
  • Some of her friends were believed to have died aboard the sinking of the Titanic.
  • Pauline would be considered a special type of antagonist in the fact that she doesn't necessarily possess an evil disposition, with her goals differing from the destructive clichés of most other super villains in general.

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