Peach CobblerEdit

PLAY PEACH COBBLER.CAF WHILE READING! (Reading out loud is most effective if you want a good laugh.) (Just search Peach Cobbler.caf in Finder if you have a mac.)

Granny Sara was baking Peach Cobbler, but not just any Peach Cobbler, Peach Cobbler with too much yeast. After it was done baking, she hefted it out of the oven and sat it on the window sill. The window sill got crushed. I estimate that the cobbler was 1000 pounds, so no wonder. Soon after, when granny began to pour the icing on it, the cobbler began to roll down the hill. Two little kids ran away from it, screaming. An old man with a walker watched as two kids ran by, screaming. Then he saw the cobbler and soon caught up with , and passed, the kids. Two kissing lovers soon joined the troop, then a dog, and then a cat! A worm poked its head out of the ground and watched the crowd whiz by, and then the cobbler, and then the screeching granny who wanted her cobbler back.


(Crowd continues to run and scream as credits roll over the screen.)

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