Notice: I made this in a mood while at school today. It reflects some of my views, and it's how I look at where I live, and what I see in my town on a day-to-day basis. It's not always true. Thou hath been forwarned.

I laugh at you simple people. Fickle, selfish, greedy, uncaring. You say one thing, and do another. You spread lies like a plague, instead of curing them. You look out for only yourself, and care nothing for any greater notion. In seeking pleasure you hurt yourself, killing yourself while you bask in you own obscenity. I laugh at you all. I've seen a greater picture. I have seen why humanity should be exterminated, and why it should be saved. You call me stupid, retarded, gay, insane. I'm impassive. I call you fickly selfish, greedy and disgusting. Then you take offense. Reading this doesn't make you understand. It only makes you see your own faults. To understand you must look at the world, and see what I've seen. Then you will understand partially, not completely. Not what I see.

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