Phoenix Jacobi Radcliffe
Vital Statistics
Date of Birth unknown
Current age 14
Gender male
Family unknown
Status alive
Eye Color green
Hair Color red
Height 5.11"
Alias {{{alias}}}
Affiliation Knights of Kimbaloot
Weapons sword
Species human/wizard
Home Earth, Realm of 1000 Deadly Spells
Appearances Comet Fate and The Planet of the Dawnstride

Comet Fate and the Sword Thief of Kimbaloot (coming soon!)

Phoenix Radcliffe is a mysterious teenager who saves Comet from dying in Comet Fate and the Planet of the Dawnstride. It had been rumored that in Comet Fate and the Sword Thief of Kimbaloot that he may be the only of the Thustlethorn crew who doesn't make it into the same magical school house, but in Max and Comet's opposite and enemy.

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