A LieEdit

I thought he liked me,

He thought he liked me,

But all of that is a lie.

He thought I liked him,

I thought I liked him,

But still all of that is a lie.

Distiny brings

People together,

And fate devides them in two.

Really what is

Right now the weather

When it's sunny

And raining too?

We thought we liked

Each other a lot

But all of those promises were...

A lie and no more than that painful truth

That left both of us bare.


I run throught the fields

Of beautiful flowers,

Everything around me

Blooms to it's limit.

I'm running through the forest

Trees around everywhere,

They smell of freedom

As wind kisses me on the face.

I run along the river

Feeling the water flow that way,

I run trying to run away

From the big and dull world of everyday.

I run from the jailed life

Of everything grey and dull...

I run through the fields

Of beautiful flowers

I run throught the forests

Of big and wise trees.

I run along the rivers

Of free and nice water,

I try to catch up with wind

As it sails past myself.


It's morning already

But I'm still dreaming

And I don't want to wake up.

I dream of sunflowers,

And beautiful roses,

And I really don't want to wake up.

Of freedom and forests,

And rivers and meadows,

And everything that I can not have in this world.

I dream of pretty

And awesome memories,

And I really don't want to wake up.

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