Death Bed

Deadly and unavoidably

Extensive as well

As innocuously

Tiresome, but sometimes unexplainably

Hard to accept

Besides, who needs

Everybody gathering around with the smell of

Death a lingering in the room



Fantasies are not only dreams,

Fantasies are a way for escape

Once you start to think


Anything imaginary,

Can be considered a



That’s when anything

You come up with

Is worth it!



Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

Flowers are sweet,

And so are you

As high as the sky,

The blue bird flies,

Lovely as can be,

As low as the sea,

The flowing currents

Sur with the most

Amazing of gleeful creatures

The beauty of the horizon,

Captured on film, or seen through a window,

Cannot ever be truly captured,

For the horizon is meant to stay free


Life As We Know It


As one day ends,

Another day begins

If it is what you beckon,

It really depends


As one year ends,

Another year begins

And comes along, begging

For the world not to be at an end


Like the dragon eating his own tail,

As one trail* ends,

Another trail begins,

Repeating itself until

There is no new beginning

*a trail of life, tribulations, problems, etc.


The Four Seasons


Springtime, naturally

Is a long time for each year

For being the first season


Summertime has love,

Greatness, subtleness, yet full

Of life, love, and strength


The fall season, serene

Always kind, gentle, sweet, and

Caring all at the same time


Wintertime, strange, but

In its skies are stars

Hanging all around the dancing snow flakes

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