Come on.

Just keep moving.

Just keep going.

15 year old Ana Marie Grace was sitting at her desk in school. Like very few girls at her school, Ana hated school. She wouldn't care if the school caught on fire, exploded, or just got robbed. She didn't care.

Ana was staring at the clock, not setting her eyes off of it. She didn't even blink. No, she was content on watching the clock. 3:25, come on, it's 3:24...

The bell suddenly rang. Ana grabbed her books, shoved them in her backpack, and took off for home. Ana shouldn't of been in a hurry. If she had slowed down, maybe, just maybe she could've escaped from it.

"Ana, are you sure you don't want to come over?" Ren, Ana's best friend said.

"I'm fine, I have to finish up a project anyways," Ana said, waving good-bye as she walked off to the forest.

As Ana walked further into the woods, the sky darkened in color.

"Damn, it's gonna rain," she said to herself. Ana kept treading along the empty, path, her eyes growing weary.

Ana heard something step on the dead twigs and leaves. Ana stopped. The noise was a bit close, as if someone was a little ways behind her. She whirled around to see if anyone was behind her. No one. Just a bunch of dead trees. Ana sighed in relief and turned back around. But she didn't exactly see what was there. All she could do was manage a small scream, as long claws ripped her stomach open. Ana fell to the forest floor, dead and bleeding.

The demon grinned, her sharp teeth showing through her wicked smile. Then, she somewhat... disappeared. But one thing was known for sure. When that demon disappeared, Ana's eyes shot open, as if she had had a nightmare.

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