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Hi hi hi! I just felt like making this XD Sooo, this is my first page on this wiki, Lets start!

Songs~! Edit

Angel with a shotgun:

Hahaha! Hi! Let's talk about the song "ANGEL WITH A SHOTGUN", if you don't know this song, skip it. Let's try adding some other words in the part where he sings "I'm an angel with a shotgun"


1. I'm an angel with sh!t in my hands!

2. I'm a f*cking f*cking anglel!

3. I'm a laugh out loud zebras angel!

4. I'm an angel who will kill you!

5. I'm a sh*tty angel, sh*tty I say!

6. I'm an "evil I say" angel!

7. I'm a devil with a harp!

8. I'm a devil with some sh*t!

9. I'm a devil not an angel!

10. I'm an angel not a devil!

11. I'm the god with a f*cking shotgun!

Okay, some of these were lame, sorry, but I have something else to discuss about this song: Why the hell did and ANGEL have a SHOTGUN?! I thought angels don't kill.... do they?

Stuck Like Glue:

Lolz, couldn't resist. Well, back to the point, let's change something about this song, in the moment when she sings "Stuck like glue"


1. Stuck like sh*t

2. Stuck in my *ss

3. Stuck in glue

4. Stuck in deep sh*t

Okay.... I suck... Well, no more examples! One more thing to say about this song: WHY STUCK LIKE GLUE? Glue doesn't get stuck unless you stick it somewhere!

Games Edit

Super Smash Bros:

I HATE HOW NINTENDO ALWAYS SAYS "BROS", "BROS", and more "BROS"! Besides SUPER SMASH BROS have girls, dont they? Like, lemme count them up: 1. Peach 2. Zelda 3. Samus I don't know any other girls (.__. ) Well, why BROS!? Why did they make Falcon join? Why Ganondorf? Why the f*cking old pervert (I don't even want to say his f*cking annoying name) Wario? Why... why... why... Okay, I'm out of "why"s.

Cya! Edit

Cya for now, bros -- oh, i mean... heh.. heh... guys..! ^_^" I'm tired, cya! o/ *waves hand*

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