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Raven Hatter


January 21


Unknown as of yet

Hair color:


Eye color:



5 feet 7 inches






I hate.

Raven Hatter is the main character of Soul Death. She is an anti-hero, who later develops a better sense of justice. The story follows a child/teenager/adult who tells about each of her gang-mates of a gang group Hannibals, remembering bits of her childhood along the way. All together there are six people she goes in depth with (who are from her gang). Two of them are later on going to help her to try to bring justice to the world. There will be four additional persons Raven will meet.

Sometimes she tells about her parents and being homeless.

One big secret will be discovered at the end of the book.

As the story goes on, more things will be added to this page - her history, full personality, appearance, etc

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