I took a slightly different approach this time, the nerdy thing being Reading and how it has shaped my life

Reading Edit

Here is a little interesting fact
Out of all the books above my bed
The one I have read the least amount of times
Is Coram Boy, which I have read only twice

This bookshelf that lies above me
Used to be filled with journeys
And adventures, romance and sorrow
Heart-warming travels and awesome comics

But now it is almost bare
With only about 40 books
Where it used to lie 200
Because I have to move

The move is not soon
It happens in November
But the moment I sold my books
I feel as if it is tomorrow.

All that remains
Are some of my favourite tales
From the stories of Sabriel
To the adventure of Scott Pilgrim

Here lies the Inheritance cycle
With the last one still missing
Next to it are the Mortal Engines series
Still living like a living city

Lying on it's side
is Through the Looking Glass Wars
Which has fallen because it has no book to lean on
and exhausted due to having been read over 10 times

These are my books
And they are a part of me
Who cares if I read fast?
I guess that is just me

These are my books
They are history and future
No matter how much internet tries
Books aren't being beaten

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