The vimanas blocked out the sun, and the only source of light was the fiery explosions. Chronos roared with pleasure as seven rebel warships fell from the sky and into the ocean below. But it was small potatoes compared to the damage they had already inflicted on Tala Natan. The city which had stood for two thousand years was burning and collapsing as underground, Dwarves attacked the infrastructure and mined away the supports that prevented it from falling into the tunnels below. The city would fall soon. For the Time Lord, time was up. He stood up and drove his scythe into the ground, and just as his temple imploded, he vanished in a burst of light, fleeing to the Earth of many centuries later.

"We've lost Chronos," sad the voice over the intercom, "but the Morrigan reports that the city is dying." Zeus nodded. The war wasn't over as long as Chronos was at large, but at least the Tanatans were defeated. "Let the Morrigan feast," he said, "and tell Ares and Quetzalcoatl to meet me in twelve hours for a war council." The woman nodded. "This is Commander Shiva signing out." Just then, a cocky Rukma vimana commander fired a rocket while retreating, and Zeus was incinerated in a flash of light.

At the end, only Thor, Zeus' son, and Prometheus survived the following slaughter. The rebels were destroyed and Olympus City was levelled. This Overrealm was poisoned by war and slowly crumbling as it's Gaia died. "Let's get out of here," said Thor. Prometheus nodded. He turned. The last remnant of the technologically advanced Tanatans was in a little temple at the edge of Tala Natan. Here, intricate clay statues were covered in clay and painted beautiful colours, concealing the inner workings which were complex to the point of living. The ground shook as Tala Natan died, collapsing into the sea. A wind blew from the north as the world shook and faded. "We have to go," yeled Thor over the wind, "run, Prometheus!" Prometheus grabbed one of the figures. The clay crumbled away and it's eyes opened. The floor collapsed and all the occupants of the room fell through the portal to the Earth below, just as everything shook and the Overrealm of Heavan was silently and utterly destroyed.

Chronos stood in the middle of a huge metal city surrounded on all sides by moving pictures, flashing signs, an incredible din and a thousand unfamiliar smells. He looked up to the sky as people walked around, oblivious to his presence thanks to a simple Invisibility Cloak. He laughed deeply, knowing that this world would be his again.

Legends of Heavan and Earth Edit

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