He was lost.

He was lost in his regret, his guilt, his sorrow. He never wanted to be the animal that he was, he never wanted to lie, to harm, to kill.

But he did, and he hated every last second.

No one would dare look at him now, he used to be this icon of courage and bravery, but now he was just known for his savagery. He had turned away the one he had loved the most.

Now he stood on a hill overlooking a frozen lake. He could jump, he could jump and be washed of all the wrong he had done.

God knows how wrong he was when he made that decision to jump and make that little spark a fire.

She was hurt.

She had made a decision to carry a child at such young an age and she regretted it. She had wanted to carry on with her studies but she couldn't. Then she had been disowned and he parents had pushed her into the street with little to no money.

She had been forced to watch her true love lie to her and walk away, the one who regretted what he had done.

But she didn't know that, she only found out at the last moment.

Now she was watching him about to jump. She wanted to stop him. She wanted to pull him away and tell him that she forgave him.

But she was too late.

Seconds too late.

She then watched his body crash into the frozen lake and sink to the bottom. She stood in his same position, jump or don't jump? Have her heart broken and care for her child or follow his footsteps and meet him in death?

God knows how wrong she was when she made that decision to jump and make that little spark a fire.

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