You are a liar, a hypocrite

You rule through fear.

You are a tyrant, a dictator

A failure in life.

You demand respect

Yet you show none.

You yell and scream

You throw childish tantrums.

You have no tolerance

You have no patience.

You're selfish, you're self-centered

Yet you think you're so great.

Just shut up, would you?

No one gives a f*ck what you have to say.

You are nothing more

Than a scared little boy.

You are not normal

You are not great.

You are not selfless

You are not caring.

You're blind,


You're a fool,

A coward.

All you do is yell and scream

All you do is whine and complain.

You will never be loved

You will never be worthy of respect.

You are a failure of a dad.

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