I remember being rejected, I was hurt, I was shattered. After everything that I have done, he still didn't like me. After the rejection I pretend that nothing happened, that I didn't love him and being his friend is okay but in the inside I was hurt, I was afraid, at first I thought that nothing would hurt compare to that but I was wrong.

Rejecting someone you love hurts more than anything else. I don't want to reject him and I want the two of us to be together, but that can't happen. This love its not acceptable, I need to reject him, I need to because when the truth hits us he might get broken.

The day come wen I promise myself to reject him once and for all, but I can't. This is breaking me. I don't want to hurt him, but I need to. I began writing a poem, a poem that I know will hurt him more than anything. I told him everything was wrong, everything. But that isn't true, I'm lying to him, I don't like lying..and I still love him.

I hope he will understand, that this is for him and for me, I hope that he won't be broken as I say those words, I wish he won't hate me...I want us to be still be friends.

Maybe in a nother time

We will meet again

In a another dimension

In a another world

In a another life time

Maybe when we meet

We will be together.

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