I heard a voice.


I saw something different.

A woman I know, yet I don't.

A house.

A dragon.


And then the familiar became unfamiliar and I was back in my Vancouver, BC apartment.

I had a fiancee, a job and a life.

But was this the truth?

I am now certain I had another life.

Something different.

They hide the secrets.

They follow me.

I follow them.

I chase them for the truth.

Men in black.

They know the truth.

A gunshot.

The pain.

I fall, vision clouding.

They come closer.

"Why?" I ask.

I awaken in my old house.

She is there.

The fire took much.

I remember.

I pick up a sword.

I ready for the battle.


By SPQR (talk) 00:56, October 11, 2012 (UTC).

My first story. Hope it's good. :)

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