After a suspicious looking of the colour of smoke being lapis lazuli and reptiles that shouldn’t be in this land. This could be very bad.

After a trip from the mountains, the leaders have found their town of Wagga Wagga deserted like a ghost town. Why this happened, no one knows as there is isn’t anyone except for ourselves and the teachers. Hang on, something is suspicious with these teachers as they have gone somewhere.


Chapter 1Edit

“Wake up everybody” shouted Mr Weber at the top of his voice with the nasty brown eyes to make sure that everyone could hear it loud and clear. As everyone were getting up at one minute intervals to line up for their chance to go to the tallest mountains in New South Wales. The leadership group was the ages of 13-16 or basically grades seven up to ten as the traditional camp that was funded by the high school, to test the leadership of the teenagers.

With all of the preparations including the sleepover at the school the groups and their teachers got on the buses with the 1st 4 from each bus taking the first room, 2nd 4 to second room and so on until the last ones took the last room.

“Get here right now James” angrily said Ms Draco as he saw James trying to miss the camp by using excuse in the book, James book that is. When he did get there, a slap, as hard as a ice cream that has been in the freezer for only a day went straight to the face of James. He ran straight into the bus, covering the part of his face where it got slapped hoping there wasn’t another slap on the other side.

With everyone on the bus, the bus trip started and was going on a smooth way that lasted only a couple of hours with a stop in between. Everyone was excited as they were hoping When everyone did get to the camp site they were split into bunkers where James had Rachel, Ben, Tom, Kelsey and Alisha in his room with the last choice of room. When they did saw the 4 x 4m room with a bunk bed at each side of the room with the top half getting full view of the outside with the windows.

Alisha with her bluish-green eyes and brown hair talked first in the room has she, Kelsey and Rachel talking about girl stuff while the boys listened in to see what news, but it didn’t take along as two of the boys left the room while James listen before falling to sleep.

Chapter 2Edit

Kelsey was the first person to get up from their room and as her blue eyes look like the ice that just froze on the lake where it was 3kms away from the campsite. She looked to see if anyone else would say anything. Then she took off her pyjamas and put on her casual clothes to go to the lake. She open the door to bring the coldness into the room before going out.

The chill from outside, woke Alisha up in a snoozing sort of way. She stretched her own arms, before realising that Kelsey went outside. She thought for a minute before deciding to go outside without changing. Her plan was hopefully to follow Kelsey to where she was going to and hopefully caught her out in the act.

“Are you completely mad?” shouted Alisha in her angry voice as she saw Kelsey jumped in and swam under the ice for 15 minutes before getting back onto the surface near the icy water. Only one word would come out of Kelsey mouth and that was a loud “no”.

As both girls were outside, the other four in the room was sleeping like nothing was in the world and just themselves. They were sleeping hardly like nothing was in the world. It showed as an hour later both Alisha and Kelsey came back in without no one noticing a sound. This would be the same for the rest of an hour before the first challenge.

One of the main reasons for the camp was that they had to take on challenges that involved team work for the two days that they had to be there for. There were different competitions where each bunker took on the other bunkers to see which bunker was the best. In the end there was a tie between two and three which did include James room to get up at half past four in the morning for a showdown in the dusk.

When they did get back from the comp, Rachel used her singing skills to relaxed the room before coming to terms with the competition of the bunker in it’s closing stages. As they tried to team up together and strategise for the comp and no plans were drawn up as they went into battle in the morning.

Chapter 3Edit

“Knock Knock” said Mr Weber as he knocked on the door from the two bunkers at half past four in the morning. They needed to get ready for the challenge which would decide the winner. Each bunker got told that the challenge was to blow up the biggest that you could find. At first they were jumping for joy but then realised that they had to blow something big, bigger than the other team for their bunker to win.

Luckily Ben had skills on destroying things after he accidentally blew up part of his parents house when he was doing a science experiment which featured explosives. Bunker three was the first to break after a team chat to blow, what for, no one knew.

While Bunker three did work out what they were going to blow up to win the challenge. They were going to blow up the school bus that had led them to the camp and with Ben accidentals skills they would take the lead. Mr Weber was liking this as he put a smirk on his face knowing that the plan was going to work.

Bunker two was also setting to destroy the bus as they set explosives on the other side of Bunker three explosives. As the leaders both lit the explosives on their side of the bus, at the exact same time and the teams ran in the opposite direction from the bus and the opposite team. One minute later, both explosives destroyed the bus in similar factions, where the flame turned into a lapis lazuli blue which seemed a little bit odd as they were meant to be orangey-yellow.

When the other three bunkers got up from the hearing of the explosion, they were shocked at what they saw. The bus or what was left of the bus looked like a exploded bus should. The skeleton was the only remaining piece that stayed in the spot before.

“What happened here?” one of the girls said from the 4th bunker as she rubbed her eyes to see the rubble that was once the bus.

“You know what this calls for” Mr Weber said after a long silence, “We need to call another bus company and load us up but hang on we can’t because they were in the bus and there was also no wi-fi around here”.

“I’m going to walk home” said Matthew which was in the opposite bunker from where James and his mates were in. Mr Weber thought that was a good idea, so that’s what the group did.

Chapter 4Edit

Over the next week, the group walked and walked non stop from the campsite to the nearest town and then they rang up the bus company there to pick them up. What they didn’t know was that they it would be a long time before they see their family.

The bus did came to pick them up from the small town, which had to be from the amount of shops and home in town, about two hundred people max. It didn’t took long before the bus came around to pick them up. Not trusting the storage, just in case of another explosion the people got their bags that they took in the beginning, and put them near the owner.

When the bus trip officially started again, most of the people went to sleep knowing that it would be a long trip back to the high school after the week, walking to the town. But for the few people that did stay up just relaxed and did some reading or talking to other people near by.

Tom though didn’t want to do that. “Oh no”, he did what no one else had done so far and that was to put a prank on the teachers that set up the trip for the leaders. The joker as he was known to his peers, had a spray that had wee from all of the boys in his bunker on the camp. He also knew that a darker yellow liquid would be more lethal then a clear white liquid.

As he got to the teacher that had set the last challenge, he tripped on a sleeping persons leg and sprayed it onto the back of the driver seat. When he saw what had happened, he quickly crawled back to his seat and sat on the spot. Of course the driver didn’t notice at first before looking back and seeing the yellow liquid.

After a long trip from the town that they walked too, since they couldn‘t use the first bus. It was five to eight on the dashboard as they could see their town once again since they left for the camp two weeks ago. Tom tried to wake everyone up by using the spray and boy didn’t they like it at all. Not even one bit, but it helped or they would of slept all night.

Then it was Ben turn to get woken up by the spray. He was dreaming until a yellow liquid was in his mouse and he wasn’t happy at first. Then he realised how close they were to home and stayed up. But as like the explosion when it was a lapis lazuli, there was something weird and it wasn’t about the people not being there, but the town itself. The smoke was the exact same colour as the explosion.

Chapter 5Edit

“Am I in a fantasy world or what” said Rachel in a confusing way as she looked to the left side of her window. The teenagers look at each other like they were confused as well before looking at the left side of the bus. They could see the exact smoke colour of the bus explosion. With the weirdness, it just had to get a lot more creepy with no lights in sight.

At first they thought that all of the people were sleeping in their cosy beds, but why, why at quarter past eight in the evening that every be in bed, at least one family had to be up watching TV or working on the computers. But nothing, nothing that sense life in the town. They realised that something weird was going on.

“So anyone want to talk” said Matthew with his blue eyes while he was looking outside.

When they did get to the high school, no one at first wanted to get up from their seats. But one by one they all removed their seats and walked outside to get their luggage. When they did finished unloading and getting the luggage for each person.

“Something feels weird in a tingly way” said Kelsey as she went off to find her friends knowing that they should be waiting. The rest of them was waiting for the parents but when Kelsey came back in a sad way explaining “Something is wrong”.

Chapter 6Edit

At first thought, everyone was just as shocked as Kelsey, because it felt like something bad had just happened. It wouldn’t be long before every single person panicked and ran in different directions like the world was going to end tonight.

That was until Tom shouted “Everybody come back”. Everyone came back like they reversed time before everyone looked sad. Mainly on family, friends and pets is what everyone missed. They were waiting on what Tom had to say. “We need to searched for some clues about what happened” Tom replied as the group spilt for clues.

They looked for something, anything for clues that would give them, why there were only them and the teachers in this town. The teachers on the other hand stay together as they ran off to go underground like they knew something that the teens didn’t

After searching for what to see like hours, Kelsey yawned “Let’s go to sleep” hoping that she wouldn’t fall asleep. Kelsey kept talking with “I think the cars are on the driveways or in the garages” hoping for the obvious. Everyone accepted as they went back home to relax, and by tomorrow they would be together again for a plan.

Rachel didn’t enjoy her sleep that night, she was tossing and turning like a log in the water. She kept having this dream, that she was the only person in the world and when she almost reached someone, she would wake up and hype before falling back to sleep.

The other five in her bunker slept well except for the dream, as it was the exact same as Rachel’s but with them in it. As all of them woke up to meet the others to see how their sleep was, they stopped as they saw a ring like it come from the planet Saturn, coming towards their houses. To make things a bit more confusing, it was the same colour as the fire from their bus. Trying to find who it were making the ring was their first priority.

Chapter 7Edit

Once the students did all meet at the point that they said last night, the numbers in some way had shrunk but didn’t as Matthew counted the students to be sixty-two. The sixty-two that left for the leaders camp.

“So what’s the plan?” said one of the boys that looked like he could play basketball for the local team, with a confusing look. All except one look confused with that one person being Alisha.

“Ok, knowing that I am leader, this is what we are going to do” said Alisha in a leader voice as she talked about the plan. From the start to the end, she talked in the leader voice and eyes. All the others, nod to the plan and not argued even if they wanted too.

“This is a bad idea, but if that’s the only plan then may as well” Matthew explained with a groaned face as went to head north of the school to the town while other groups of 6 people went out of the school to see where the lights were coming from. The only group that did stay was Alisha group as they planned their route around the school then going in just one spot and hope for the best.

Chapter 8Edit

With the route designed and planned, Alisha and her group started to walk around, checking each and every room for some sign of weirdness in the room. But everywhere they looked, they didn’t see any weird and unusual things that shouldn’t be there at all.

“You want to ring the other groups to see how they going?” Kelsey said as she looked like she was going to burst out. He thought about it, thinking the idea up as the service had been cut like it was done on purpose.

“I’ll ring the other groups, but only this time” said Tom as he dial the phone numbers of the leaders from each group. Each time though, here couldn’t get through as the signal for the phones was dead and quiet. After what seem to be like hours, he just said “Nothing” in a quiet way that they could only hear what he was saying.

“What about going back to the meeting place, they could be there?” said Alisha as she thought to be oblivious. Once they zipped up their bags, they went to the meeting place. Thinking that they would be some people will be there, they were in for a shock as the only thing was a blue circle with a door handle being drawn in as if it was done on purpose.

Chapter 9Edit

“It got to of been drawn” said Ben and Tom together like they are ideal twins with the same clothes and hair. After they did say that, Ben went down and touch the drawn handle to feel only hard concrete. With confusion all around the group, they went to the nearest classroom to talk to what had happen to the rest of the students, teachers and the rest of the town.

Entering the room was a nervous affair with it looking like, the school term was on. The chairs was near the seats on the southern side with the board facing the class. Other than that, there was only lockers to keep the books and other stuff that you would need in high school.

The teenagers were talking about what it was to happen if they stay outside and in the cold. They all agreed that they had to find him or her in daylight before going to sleep. They knew that the door had something to do with the strange problems.

As they were talking, two reptiles, a snake and a lizard came up to the window and knocked it like it was a human being trying to do a prank. That made the teens jump with shocked as one cried “It can’t be” as all of them looked at the snake and the lizard as it jumped up like it‘s was a human being.

Realising what was happening, Ben then scattered his way in his shallow pocket to find the note that he found over at the entry of one of the rooms. He thought that this will be a good time to reveal the note. “I think I know why that happened with the reptiles” explained Ben, showing the note to everyone else. The note showing:

As the land gets spilt into six areas The areas having their own disaster Only the gems can stop this power The gems are the power to this land.

“So what you think that means by these words” said confused Alisha as she thought off what disasters that could happen. “What ever it means” said Rachel. “This is just the beginning of possibly the end of our life."

Chapter 10Edit

When they realised the news, they were shocked like it’s a new thing, which in someway it was. They thought, then they realised, that they had to go back to that weird drawing of a door to maybe get some answers. If there really was a ball that was a lapis lazuli colour, they had to do it, for their life’s.

After finalising the plans on what they were doing and going in, they started to walk to the door where they entered only minutes ago, and straight to the area where the door that had apparently got drawn. Before long they got to the area and there wasn’t a door in sight, only the ones that they could see in eye level.

“Huh” said a confusing Tom as he knew that the door was there only a hour earlier, and so did the rest of the group. They were trying to think of what they were going to do now that it was gone, or so they thought.

“Rachel, Rachel, Rachel” said Alisha as Rachel was looking to somewhere else other than the door spot.

“You know something, Rachel and I know it” said Tom hoping that he would get Rachel attention. She still though was looking the other way.

“I think I might hum a song” said Rachel after a deathly silence of about what seem forever. Knowing that, she started to hum a song that no one else knew about, because it was in a totally different language. As the hum continued a shake of the ground floor started before a door started to reappear and even opening it up for them.

“So ladies first” said Ben as he gratefully open up his hand to the ladies. He was hoping for any problem with the girls before the boys went in. But the girls wouldn’t be having any of that as they pushed Ben down the hole into the unknown.

Chapter 11Edit

“I’m ok” explained Ben as he tried to smell what it was. Before long he then replied, saying “it safe, I hope”. Knowing that, the rest of the boys jump into the door hole hoping Ben wasn’t lying. After the boys jumped, the girls checked their nails hoping that they wouldn’t scratch before going in.

As the last girl jumped in, the door automated shut like it was program to do, trappings the teens inside. The darkness started to shove in and before long it was complete darkness. The darkness made Tom started to get scared knowing that they didn’t have a phone on him, with it being it at back of the house that he was living in with his parents.

But he had no parents, like the other 5 teens wanting to get this over with. Alisha though had the only phone that still had battery left but even she knew that it wouldn’t last as there was only about 20 minutes max left. She was hoping that it would be quick so she could charge it. So after they got settled in, they walked in a direction and hoped for the best.

While they were walking in that direction, James was muttering to Ben. No one, could hear what the two were talking about at all as they were quiet like a dark night. It was Tom that said something and he wasn’t happy as the group came to a dead end, “That’s just great” saying the complete reason why they were there.

“You want to walk back” quietly said Kelsey knowing that she knew they were going to be in the dark soon with the battery going to die. Before long, the phone died and the group went into pitch blackness. They were hoping that it wouldn’t be long until they got to the place.

“Look, light” said Tom as he pointed in the direction that the light was coming from.

“Wait a minute team” said Ben, he knew that something just didn’t feel right.

“What could happen if we keep walking?” Tom said back. At the turn of a corner, walls started to close the group and soon they were stuck in a 6x6 cube being escalated to the light. As they came to a sudden stop, they heard a voice that they knew all too well. “So, so, so who do we have here”

Chapter 12Edit

“What” shouted Ben as he couldn’t believe who it was that said those words. The words being from the principal of the high school, Mr Weber. The other people were shocked what they saw outside the small one by one metre window.

“That right and that camp you had, was also an trap” said Mr Weber as he did a little smirk on his face knowing that he will be a happy person.

“So was it you that did the lapis colour ring then” said Rachel as she saw a 10L oil can which had a hose that was the radius of a normal house hold hose.

“Yes it was and I turn the rest of people into reptiles as well” said Mr Weber as he started to head to the can. “Now if you don’t mind me, I will kill the last bit of the puzzle and the state will be mine”.

“Are you crazy?” shouted Tom as he had a confusing face on him.

“Crazy, I maybe but not evil” said Mr Weber as he turn on the tap. Rachel being the nervous part of the gang started to relax with another song but only quietly so that Mr Weber wouldn’t hear.

The hose moved into the hole that a gap was left in. Green liquid started at first, a light gentle river of green. The teens trying to move there legs up so they wouldn’t touch it. The cage though had other ideas as the walls disappeared to leave a steel frame with a thickness of only 1cm. They had to put their feet down into the liquid. The green liquid of death.

But all of a sudden, a quiet sound was heard, hoping that it would crash into the base and destroy this machine.

Chapter 13Edit

The sound was becoming louder with every passing second, the six teens, were starting to become extremely nervous as the liquid got past their knees and was changing them from the inside out. They could feel the change from within until it suddenly stopped. The reason being that the noise came from a falling meteor.

“But how” said Mr Weber as the shockingness in his face showed with all agony. The machine that pumped it, being the target as there was nothing that showed there was a machine in the first place.

“Whoops” said Rachel as the smirk in her face showed at Mr Weber. The honestly was getting too much for him as he honestly felt like he was going to go. He couldn’t leave but he had to do and before leaving he said “I will get you next time, that time there won’t be anyone to come and save your septically little state from my power.

The bars from the cage dropped from their hinges like they weren’t even held in. The sound being a loud bang with metal clanging metal even with a metal floor. The teens were in shocked state, that they didn’t move for what felt like a hour.

It was Kelsey that talked first and walking out of the cage. She went straight to the meteor and before she touch the new meteor, she lure the others to come over. The look on other peoples faces came as they walked very slowly.

Once they did come over, Rachel went to the meteor and touched the lapis lazuli gem in the middle. She felt a electric shock before putting the gem into her hands. All she said was “I feel a lot stronger then before, in emotional states that is”.

Chapter 14Edit

Once they got out of the hole from the newly created stairs that came after the machine was destroyed. All 6 felt the happiness on their faces as they saw their friends faces in human form. The other people who had no clue what had happened in the last 3 days.

When the questioning did finally finish. Kelsey brought Rachel and Ben over to the music area. They offcourse knew that there had to be something else down there other than that gem. They thought of what it was and before long Alisha came over and was carrying a white piece of paper.

“What is that” said Kelsey as she pointed to the white note that Alisha was holding.

“A note that I found near the machine” responded Alisha as she opened the note to reveal 4 short lines.

As the first gem is found of six The second gem is in a popular game Where you could build anything The next is through the bedrock portal.

“Is it a little weird that the next could be in a game” said Alisha in a confusing way. Even she knew that something didn’t feel right.

“Well if we have to find 5 more gems, we must starting looking for them” whispered James as the rest of them jumped in shock to the sight of him.

“How about we don’t find them now” said Tom. In a good way they thought of resting up for the night and just enjoying the sunset before setting out for the next gem.

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