AN: A few hours ago, a great woman died in peace. She had been in hospital since 2011, fighting cancer with all her strength. She has two beautiful daughters, one seven years old and the other five years old. Her husband works non stop, for his now deceased wife and daughters. Her parents grieve the loss of this great woman, whom I considered sister. I wish her daughters and husband get over their sadness, to find happiness once again. She was the best of humanity. I don't put these words on peoples deaths lightly, but rest in peace, sister of heart, soul, blood doesnot matter anymore.

Her beautiful braided her, falling down her back.

Her eyes with a shine, that never seems to lack.

She wears a white hospital gown which looks like a ball gown on her.

Cyring, her daughters crying, as is her sir.

She fought the battle bravely, never backing down.

Now rest in peace, princess of the humanity crown.

Luck is put upon you, my sister in heart and soul.

I will help your daughters in homework, help them roll.

I will do everything you have done for me.

You were kind to everyone, whether a he or she.

You were a queen among queens, a goddess among goddess'.

Do not worry for your daughters or for your sad mister.

Just rest in peace, my beautiful, kind sister...

AN: Love people while you can, because life is unpredictable and they could die any second. Grieve the dead, love the living and realize you are lucky to be alive. "The good die young"....

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