In each story, no matter how it's told, what it's about, it has that one person you don't like, that one person that is evil, selfish, and kills just for fun.

What if that person.. was you?


I know what you're thinking. I'm the bad guy, the one that kills for fun. But rest assured, I am not. I am simply here to deliver a story told by them, the ancient ones. They said it is something all of you must know, a knowledge that is as powerful as gravity itself.

You can call it a myth, sure, or maybe you can just call it fictional. Make-believe. Like the phrase "Happily ever after."

It's not. It's real. But then again, what is real? Is it something you see? Hear? Touch?

How do you know it's not fake, like those bedtime stories that your mom or dad use to tell you before you go to sleep?

Nothing in this world is real.

They're keeping you here for your own good. And no, this is not the Matrix. You can't get out. You're not trapped here by aliens who's feeding on you for energy. You're trapped here by your own beings. Humans.

What if I told you that you are all robots? That you are all experiments by your own kind, like those games on your iTouch, where you can pretend to be "God", that you are all just here to be controlled, even though you feel like you have the free will to choose whatever you want. Each decision leads to something, good or bad. Luck, you may call it. But here, we just call it.. an experiment. Something to test out.

I'm getting off topic now. The rest will uncover once you read the story. Just remember this:

They will come for you once you know the truth.

Chapter 1Edit

"Antonio Salvador!" the hooded master yelled. "Antonio Salvador!"

"Here!" Antonio shouted, running in to the pod in his graduation gown. "Antonio Salvador is here!"

"Good, wouldn't want to miss graduation now, would we, Mr. Salvador?"

"No, sir," Antonio replied, taking a seat next to his best friend, his only friend, Maximilliam Wayne, while his classmates snickered and whispered behind him.

"Now that we are done with the attendance, I am to announce who shall be in this year's intelligence group. As you all know, the intelligence group deals with the concerns of reviving our planet using our experiments, and only five people from this class shall get in. I do not know the details, for this is a top secret organization that only a handful of people know of. If your name is called, please do remember that you are to report straight to the main entrance of the shuttle after the graduation ceremony, with no personal belongings whatsoever," the hooded master said, and cleared his throat as he begins to read out the names, one by one.

"Grace Mile, Philip Trail, Lorenzo Hill, Maximilliam Wayne, and Antonio Salvador," the hooded master announced in a calm tone.

The whole class went in to chaos. There were whispers of How? and Why? around the classroom, but they were loud enough for Antonio to hear them.

Suddenly the hooded master banged his hand against his desk, making everyone shut up. "Calm down, class! The reason is easy. Antonio and the other four obviously passed their test, while the rest of you did not. Now file up at the door and get ready to present yourselves and get that diploma!"

One by one, they slowly lined up by the door, muttering to themselves. Antonio went last in line, along with his friend, Maximilliam. "Hey, Max. You think my sister's gonna be happy 'bout this?"

"Nope. Not at all. She'll be happy for you though."

"Happy for me.." Antonio pondered this for a moment. Nobody had ever been happy that he was here. Not even his parents. They gave up on him, for some reason. They gave him up for adoption, leaving him alone in the orphanage where he was bullied daily. He knew he was a mistake. Nobody loves him. Nobody cared about Antonio. Nobody except Maximilliam and his sister, March. March wasn't his real sister though. She was just the first person that was ever nice to him at the orphanage, and since Antonio was there at a young age, he began to call March his sister. He knew she doesn't mind. I don't need anybody else except for Max and March. I don't need anyone else, Antonio thought with a smile.

"You know, Antonio, as long as you stick with me, and I stick with you, it's gonna be easier for March to let you go," Maximilliam said.

Antonio nodded at the thought, heading out the door with Maximilliam. "The intelligence is lucky to get us, eh, Max?"

Maximilliam laughed. "Very."

That was the end of their conversation as they head out to the school's main pod, which was filled with people. The head master was standing on the stage, apparently giving some speech. "-very lucky to have these people here. This year's intelligence group has chose their top five of our class of '12, Grace Mile, Philip Trail, Lorenzo Hill, Maximilliam Wayne, and Antonio Salvador!"

The crowd clapped, and the head master continued. "But first, we must give the diplomas that this year's class deserve!"

The head master started calling out names, and Antonio zoned out when someone called his name. Antonio then went up the stage, shake the head master's hand, got his diploma, and went down to join Maximilliam (who has already gotten his diploma and saved him a seat), and March. The rest of the ceremony went by pretty fast, and soon, it was time for Maximilliam and Antonio both to report to the main entrance of the shuttle. Antonio gave March a hug, tears threatening to spill.

"I'll miss ya, little brotha," March said, already crying. "You be safe now, ya hear?"

Antonio couldn't do anything but nod.

"And Max," March said, turning to Maximilliam, "you better take care of the young fella. If ya don't, I'll personally find the intelligence group's HQ and kick your sorry butt."

"I'll miss you too, March," Maximilliam said, and hugged her.

March smiled. "Go on now, you two. Don't want to be late now, don't we?"

"I'll write March, I'll write every day," Antonio promised as he turn around to leave. "I'll miss you."

Chapter 2Edit

The intelligence group's head quarters was impressive. For one thing, it was in a totally different part of the ship that no one knew existed, and it was big. The lobby looked like the Sistine Chapel in Rome that Antonio had read about some time ago, except there was a giant chandelier hanging in the middle of the curved ceiling, and on the floor underneath the chandelier was a giant round rug with some fancy designs on it. To the right was a check out counter, like the ones they have in hotels that Antonio had heard of in school, and to the left was some sofas and love seats surrounding a glass coffee table.

The group headed over to the check out counter, and found a man dressed in a neat suit with sunglasses. "How may I help you?"

"We're the new five in the intelligence group," Grace Mile said first, breaking the silence between the group, which was surprising since she was the only girl here. "I believe that we must have training first, and that is where you'll lead us to."

"Ah yes, the newbies. Come, it's time you five get to meet the General," the man said with a smirk. He lead them to a door at the far end of the room that Antonio hadn't notice before. Beside that was a panel. The man took out a key card from his pocket hidden inside the suit, and slid it through a small panel with a slot and some numbers by the side, along with a red light. The light turned green, and the door opened. A long narrow corridor lit by torches showed, and it seemed to go down forever. The man walked in, and motioned them to follow.

The group followed slowly, and Antonio can tell that all of them was scared of what awaits them at the end. They walked under the dim light, not saying a thing to each other. After about what felt like forever, they finally came to another door. When the man stepped in front of it, it just slid open with a hiss and a bunch of smoke. They walked through it, and Antonio was astounded by what he saw.

Antonio thought that the intelligence groups' HQ was going to be full of computers and some nerdy people running around carrying piles of paper, and part of that was right. The HQ was full of computers, except it was more high-tech than he thought it would be. A large TV like screen was in the middle of the room, and it was blank. There was no nerdy people running around carrying piles of paper, but a bunch of people looking at computer screens and talking through they're head phones. Imagine NASA people in their HQ before lift off, except everything is more high-tech and the color black, and you're seeing what Antonio was seeing. Antonio didn't have a lot of time to stay there and just stare, though, since the man was already heading to the right. He followed, and the group arrived in some kind of classroom. A tall, well built man sat there, scowling. He was smoking a cigar.

"No smoking in here, General. You know the rules," the man said. "These are the new five. Train them well. I'll be going now." With that, he turned around and left.

"No smoking," the man, apparently the General, mocked as he put out his cigar in an ash tray. "Well, you puny bastards, I'm the General, and you call me that and nothing else, ya hear?!"

"Yes, sir," Maximilliam said.

"Good. One smart person in the group," the General said in a gruff voice. "What are you all standing there for?! Take your seats! Class has begun!"

They all scrambled off to find a seat, and it was easy since there was only five of them in a room full of about 30 chairs.

"Okay, first, let me put up some house rules! Rule number one! There shall be no laughter, no fooling around, no joking, and basically, no fun whatsoever! Rule number two! Nobody in this room is allowed to talk back to me! Ever! Or you'll be send to the infirmary, not the principle's office!"

"Yes, sir!" the class said, all of them quite scared of the General.

"Oh, goody! We're learning," the General said in a mocking tone. "Good for all of you!" The General clapped his hands sarcastically, and then got a cigar from his coat pocket.

Antonio looked at Maximilliam, and whispered to him, "This guy's nuts."

Apparently the General heard, and he boomed, "WHAT DID YOU SAY?!"

"Er, um, nothing, sir."

The General went up to Antonio and studied him for a few seconds. Then he punched him in the face. "Rule number three. Under all circumstances, do not lie to me. Ever."

Antonio couldn't do much of anything. He felt blood trickling down from the corner of his mouth. "Y-yes, sir," he managed. The General smiled, his eyes were as scary and suspicious as a snake's. He then chuckled, and then laughed a loud, booming laugh.

"You're all freaks! All of you! You can all put on your own little freak shows! This is what they had sent me this year? These puny little bastards with an IQ level of zero? Oh, this is just too good!"

The whole class stared at him, their eyes wide. If they were going to be stuck here with this man until they were skillful enough to become an intelligent, then they might as well burn in the Underworld. Suddenly, a short, chubby man with a mustache came running in. "General! General! We have a code red! A code red!"

The General immediatly stopped. "Class, you're dismissed. Another teacher will come in tomorrow morning. You'll all be bunking together in a pod! Just go out the classroom, and turn right. There should be a door with the numbers 2212 on it. It's your graduation year. Now go!"

The whole class lined up robotically, walked out the door, and headed to their cabin pod.

Chapter 3Edit

"Wow, talk about scary," Philip Trail said when they had entered their pod. It was pretty big, with 3 bunk beds shoved to one side of the room, and a small kitchen and TV with bean bags on the other side of the room. A door that leads to the bathroom was at the end of the room.

The others nodded, except for Grace.

"Ah, I've seen worse," Grace replied, plopping down on a bean bag.

"Oh yeah? Like what?"

Grace shrugged. "My great grandfather was in the 3rd World War, down on Earth. I've watched videos of the battle scenes."

"Think you're so tough?"

"No. I'm just the only girl ever to become an intelligent, and I'm determined not to keep it that way," Grace said, and then climbed in to the top bunk. "Wake me up when this stupid nightmare's over."

"I think she's scared, but she just trying to look tough," Antonio said while the others laugh at this remark. Suddenly a book sailed across his head. Stunned, Antonio looked up. There was Grace, sitting up on her bunk, glaring back at Antonio, her eyes giving Antonio a silent warning: Next time you talk about me, something sharp's gonna enter through your brain. Then she jumped off, took the book, and went back to her bunk as if nothing had happened.

"Well, since there's only five of us, and six beds, I say we give Grace her own bunk. Agreed?" Maximilliam suggested nervously.

"Aye!" Lorenzo Hill agreed quickly. The others followed suit. Soon everyone got knew who they were bunking with: Maximilliam with Antonio, Lorenzo with Philip, and Grace by herself.

They quickly got settled in their own bunks and closed their eyes, slumbering off in to peaceful sleep.

Antonio was woken by the most annoying alarm clock ever. It sounded like those emergency practice-drill alarms, you know, the ones that warned you that an asteroid was going to hit the giant space ship they were currently living in (which never happened in the last 200 years they were here for), which wasn't very pleasant. Antonio cover his ears with his pillow, and then pulled his covers over him. "Somebody turn the stupid sound down!"

"I think we all need to get out of our bunk first in order for it to stop!" Lorenzo shouted over the noise. Soon, everyone was out of their bunks except of Antonio "Come on! Wake up Antonio! Get outta bed!"

"No! Shuddup!" Antonio suddenly feel something very cold splashed on his face. He jumped up and fell out the bottom bunk, landing face first on the floor. The alarm immediatley stopped. Philip and Lorenzo laughed.

"Thank you, sleepy head! Now get ready. If we're late, and the new teacher's as crazy as the General, we're all dead," Philip said.

Antonio dragged himself up. "First day of real intelligent training and I get laughed at. Life's just so freakin' great," Antonio murmured as he walked sleepily in to the bathroom to get ready and clean up. After he got outside, he realized that nobody was ready except for him. "How long do we have until it's time for class?"

"Half an hour," Maximiliam said, rubbing his forehead, and going to the bathroom to get ready.

"Don't worry, we'll get ready fast," Lorenzo said, and for the first time, Antonio noticed his thick English accent.

"Okay, dude. That's freaky. When did you suddenly get an English accent?" Antonio asked, obviously a little freaked out. Lorenzo rolled his eyes at Antonio's lack of attention to anything.

"Gee, I don't know. My parents, maybe?" Lorenzo said sarcastically. "It's a wonder someone that lacks so much attention to detail, or perhaps anything, gets in to be an intelligent. I'd be surprised if you even get through training." Antonio clenched his fist.

"You just keep saying that, Lorenzo, but when I become the number one intelligent, I'm going to laugh in your face while you work as a janitor on this ship!" Antonio shot back.

"Oh, just be quiet you two," Philip said as Maximilliam came out of the bathroom all cleaned up. "Lorenzo, why don't you go next so I don't have to witness another stupid fight?"

Lorenzo grumbled something and went in the bathroom. The rest of the morning went by fast in quiet, some eating breakfast, some going to the bathroom to clean up and change. Soon everyone was ready, and the school bell rang. "Here comes Hades," Grace said. The others nodded and gingerly went to their classroom.

Chapter 4Edit

They all waited, sitting at their desk, for their new teacher. He was late, whoever he was. Philip thought about pranking the new teacher, but that idea got voted out in less than a millisecond. "You really want to get killed?" Maximilliam had said, raising an eyebrow. Five minutes after that, the teacher came in. He was tall, slim but well-built, his hair black and messy, and wore a suit along with a pair of glasses. Why he had a suit on, Antonio had no idea.

"Alright, new intelligents! Today is your first day in training, and I will begin with some basic stuff of why we do what we do," the teacher said. "You may call me the Captain, and nothing else. I don't like giving my name to strangers."

Philip raised his hand. "Why not?"

"Well, that's none of your business, is it now, Philip?"

"No, sir," Philip said.

"Good. Now, first lesson. 200 years ago, there was a disaster that wiped out the whole human race, and only a few escaped on a spaceship they had built. We planned on living in space forever. People thought that was a pretty darn good idea. But there was one person who thought that was a pretty darn bad idea. His name was Clyde the Intelligent. He wanted to live on Earth, but he doesn't know if it was still livable or not, because there was no point of going back to Earth to get killed. So being as smart as he was, he developed a machine where he sent robot humans down to Earth. But these robot humans weren't robots. They had more human characteristics," the Captain said with a glow in his eyes. "At first, the robot humans got killed quite quickly, but gradually, they began to live healthy lives, and soon, they began to live the lives we were living. Then something happened. Our world got destroyed again. So he tried again and again, but the results turned out to be the same every time. Death. Destruction. That is why we are here. To discover what is wrong."

We all nodded and the Captain continued. "Today, the intelligence company is the ruler of this ship. They control the ship's navigation, they make the rules, they oversee anything that happens on this ship and also, down on Earth. They keep an eye on the humans down on Earth by the windows. The windows are where our video cameras are, our eyes in the sky. Humans can never escape windows. They're everywhere. Also, down on earth, an year down there is an hour up here, that's why the humans down there had evolved so fast. Understood?" We nodded again. "Good." Then the Captain went to his desk and typed in a password on the number pad on the desk. Suddenly, computers came out of each of the desks they were sitting in. "These are the computer and programs we use to control the robots. You can control anything from a simple decision to any kind of emotions. We have a series of personalities that each human being can have, and they are set at random. That is why the human robots down there are a different person. There are at least a billion of them down there, so yes, some do have similar personalities, but we try to keep them separated. Your assignment today is to figure out how to hack into one of the robot's brains and try to change the way they think, along with their personalities."

We all just stared at him as if he was crazy. The Captain laughed. "Don't worry. It's great fun."

"Aren't you going to teach us first?!" Maximilliam asked, his eyes wide.

"I believe in more do than teach." With that, the Captain went to his desk and sat down. "Go! What are you waiting for? You all have half an hour to complete this assignment."

Strangely enough, Antonio finished first. Hacking and entering was no problem. He had a bit of problem with changing the settings of the brain, and navigating through it was harder. But he managed to finish in 5 minutes. He raised his hand. "Captain? I'm finished. The robot's having suicidal thoughts now."

"And what was the robot's personality before?"

"A optimistic, out-going, fun person. Why?"

"Because, Antonio, for trained intelligents, it would've took hours to change their brain settings to the complete opposite."

Antonio shrugged. "Got anything else for me?"

The conversation was interrupted when Philip suddenly shouted, "Darn computer! I'll teach you a lesson or two," and started punching the keyboard wildly. A sound like a computer game character dying sounded from Philip's computer. "Oops. Sorry, robot. You now have brain cancer."

"Oh, god, Philip. That wasn't suppose to happen. Diseases are set at random too! We only spread them if we had to," the Captain said.

"Finished!" Grace suddenly said. "The robot now is a crazed psycho!"

"Finished," Maximilliam and Lorenzo said at the same time. Lorenzo glared at Antonio, rage filling in him.

"Well, since you're all finished, let's head to the gym for combat training!" the Captain said with a mischevious glint in his eyes, like combat training was the worst thing in the whole ship, and that he was going to enjoy seeing the class suffer.

"Why do we need combat training for?!" Lorenzo shouted. "We're only here to hack computers, aren't we?"

The Captain laughed. "Aside from the windows, intelligents are sometimes sent down to Earth to keep an eye out for the robots. Secret intelligence groups such as the CSI and FBI are all made up of intelligents from this ship. If any robots down there ever finds out about us, they somehow become their own person. We can't control them anymore. So when that happens, it's called "code red". We contact the intelligents down on Earth and boom, they have them arrested. Sometimes killed, too. But don't worry, that has only happen 2 times in intelligence history. Also, the CSI and FBI has secrets from all over the world, and they sent it up to us, so we could better understand what's happening. Now, as I said before, the intelligence makes laws for this ship and Earth. But we enforce it too. Whoever breaks it needs to be chased down. Thus, we need combat training. To kill whomever breaks the rules."

Philip gulped. "Kill?"

"Why, yes. You all need to learn to kill before you become an official intelligent! Now come on. We don't have time to waste!"

Chapter 5Edit

Antonio's leg got wobbly and his hands clammy the first moment he stepped into the combat training room. Axes, machetes, and razors where swinging back and forth, spikes were on the ground with monkey bars hovering above it, and this was all completed by a giant climbing wall with grenade launchers on the top, ready to launch it at anyone who dared climb the wall. "Wow. Should've went to the bathroom beforehand," Antonio stated out of nervousness. Nobody laughed at his idiotic comment, because everyone was too scared to laugh at all. Well, everyone except for the Captain, who was literally laughing his stupid butt off.

"Don't we have first class equipments? Why do we need to do all of these when we could get suited up with like, I don't know, a suit that protects us from anything or something similar?" Lorenzo asked.

"Ah, my young intelligent. Those stuff are too heavy. Loads to carry. We need to be light and comfortable, stealthy and fast. We can't lug around a heavy suit all day," the Captain informed, "and even if we do have those stuff and it's as light as a feather, your head won't be protected. The head is always, always the first thing they shoot at, next to your heart. And when they shoot your head, you dead and we will be hosting your funeral. So, we figure it'll be easier to just not wear anything at all. But no worries, you can all get super secret gadgets."

Antonio noticed that there was a part in the room that was empty with several holes on the floor, and a glass box at the end of it. "Captain, what's that part over there?"

"Oh this part? I'll show you. Come along, you frightened little children," the Captain said, smirking. "Try not to pee your pants." He took out a card and slid it through a number pad, typed a password, and immediately, random lazers formed, blocking the up the way to get to the glass box at the end of the room. The holes on the floor began to pop out knives. "It's beautiful, isn't it?"

Antonio nodded forcefully, and so did the others. The Captain just smiled. "Perhaps we should start on the swinging-sharp-objects station. Shall we?" He walked over and yelled over the loud sound of axes, machetes, and razors swinging back and forth. "You all have one minute to complete this course! Begin!"

Lorenzo pushed Antonio to the front of the line, where he stood shaking miserably. The Captain yelled, "Go! What are you waiting for?! GO!"

Reluctantly, Antonio jogged to the front of an swinging axe. He gulped. Here goes nothing. If I die, I hope Max and March come to my funeral. He waited. And ran. He came across a machete. Wait. Run. Wait. Run. Antonio repeated the actions as if his life depended on it. And frankly, it did. It felt like hours that he waited, and only few minutes to run. He eventually came across the last one, where there was 3 razors swinging back and forth together. He waited, and then ran with all the speed he had.

"50 seconds!" the Captain shouted, clicking on his timing watch. "Great job. Maximilliam, you're up next!"

Antonio fell to the ground, his legs feeling like jelly. He suddenly felt very cold and he really wanted to barf. Slowly he sat up and watched the others. Maximilliam passed with 55 seconds, Philip passed with 52 seconds, Lorenzo with 50 seconds and Grace with 55 seconds. They all sat on the floor looking sick.

"Aww, c'mon. That's all you guys got? Let's go to the monkey bars!" the Captain shouted, blowing a whistle. Fate was by Antonio's side that day, however, because just then, the lunch bell rang. They all ran to the cafeteria with record speed.

After lunch, they walked back to the classroom, where they waited for the Captain's return.

"Well, this has been Hades alright," Antonio said.

"Says you," Lorenzo spat. Antonio could hear bitterness and jealousy in his voice. Is Lorenzo jealous of him? Why? Then Antonio realized that he was the one who had finished first, he was probably the best one in the class. Antonio smirked at the thought. Told you, he thought.

"Whatever." Phillip sighed. "What are we going to do now?"

As if on cue, the Captain came in the classroom and said, "Well, now we are going to learn about all kinds of things, from shooting to gadget making to making a weapon out of the simplest things. And then, some more combat training." His eyes gleamed as if he knew that what they were about to endure was far more painful then intelligent training.

They all walked back to their cabin with their head throbbing and muscles aching. Twice Lorenzo tripped Antonio, and twice Antonio was laughed at for his clumsiness. Filled with rage, Antonio shouted, "You're just jealous. Jealous because I am the best. Jealous because you are nothing!"

Antonio saw Lorenzo clench his fist. His eyes are filled with hatred, jealousy, and anger. "You say that again, you orphan. You can't even talk correctly."

Now he's gone too far. Antonio swung at Lorenzo with all the force that was left of him, and then kneed his stomach. Lorenzo coughed, and then smirked. He took out a gun that he must've sneaked out from the combat training room.

"What are you doing with that? You're not suppose to have that!" Maximilliam shouted, stepping in front of Antonio, attempting to stop the fight.

Lorenzo shrugged. "Just trying to decide when to kill the little twerp, that's all. Aww, look Antonio. You're big bwotha is going to fight for you. How cute," Lorenzo mocked in a high voice, the gun still in his hand, aiming straight at Maximilliam. Anger was controlling Antonio now. He lunged at Lorenzo, and bit his arm, causing him to drop the gun. Lorenzo punched him twice, and then kneed his chin. Antonio tried to fight back, but couldn't. All he could do was block the blows. Lorenzo socked him in the stomach, picked up his gun, and slammed his face with the back of it. Antonio bit his arm again, and Lorenzo dropped the gun. Suddenly he was lifted by something. Lorenzo.

Lorenzo laughed a crazed laugh, and slammed Antonio on the ground. He couldn't get up. Maximilliam kneeled beside him and helped him up. "Aww, look at the wittle kid, being comforted by mommy. Hey, hey Phil! Look at this. This is our number one intelligent!" He spat at his face. Phillip laughed. Phillip was always a follower. "Come on. Let's head to the cabin and leave these losers."

Maximilliam tried to put his arm around him and attempt to comfort him, but was pushed away by Antonio. Antonio pushed Maximilliam against the wall and pinned him against it. "You are to never get in my business again. I am NOT weak. I am not that little kid. I don't need to be protected. I need to fight my own fights. In the past, I didn't. That's why they make fun of me. Because I was a coward. But I am NOT a coward," he yelled at his face, and then let go of him and walked back to the cabin. That night was the most awkward. Maximilliam went to bunk with Grace, leaving Antonio alone.

Antonio knew he was hurt bad, because he could feel his face and eyes throbbing, his nose bleeding, and he when he coughed, he coughed up blood. Injuries are good. They make you look tough, Antonio decided, and went to climb in his bed, closed his eyes, and slept.

Chapter 6Edit

From then on, Antonio was revenge-obsessed. He trained and studied, and never talk to Maximilliam or write to March either. He knew that they were his weak link, the people that made his life suck. His friends were guns, training, hacking, and killing. He began taking his anger out on some dummies that Captain had shown them, telling them that they were suppose to be for shooting training only, but Antonio sneaked out a few and started jabbing them with plastic knives from the cafeteria. Maximilliam had tried to talk and reason with him, but it was no use. Antonio was out of control. He hated everyone. He was crazy. He was turning in to the bad guy. He was turning to the General, or worse. The intelligence knew and accepted that, and they encouraged it. "Good job," they would say, "you're a real intelligent!"

An year passed, and soon, they were all ready to graduate from intelligent training. Maximilliam had started hanging out with Grace more and more, but still tried to get Antonio to reason with him. Lorenzo picked fights with Antonio, trying to make him mad. Each time Antonio would ignore him, telling himself that the day will soon come, and each time Lorenzo called him a coward and a chicken.

Then the day came. The day that Lorenzo had started the fight. The day reality hit Antonio straight in the face. The day everything went sour. But Antonio didn't care. It had made him strong. He only cared about one thing, and that was to get back at Lorenzo, and kill him. Lorenzo had gotten out of the cafeteria early and Antonio noticed. He dumped his food in the trash chute and ran to the hallway.

"So, an year has passed," Antonio said to Lorenzo, who looked suspicious.

"What are you trying to do, you orphan? Picking a fight again? Think you're so tough?"

Antonio smiled a forced smile. "Why don't we go to the cabin? Maximilliam said he wanted to give something to you."

"You're lying, you coward. C'mon, we're already alone in the hallway. Why don't you just fight me, get beaten, and let me spit on your face, like I did an year ago?"

Antonio laughed. Behind his back, he carried a switch blade, and flicked it so the blade came out. "I've changed."

"Oh, please. Your scores dropped. I'm better. It's proven."

Antonio smirked and pinned Lorenzo on a wall. Lorenzo was too surprised to react. His blade was digging against Lorenzo's neck. "So.. I was wondering how I should kill you. Painfully or slowly?" He laughed a silent yet crazed laugh. "Maybe we should start.. here." Antonio slashed at Lorenzo's face, causing him to shout in pain. He then slashed at his neck. "I've decided, that I'm going to kill you painfully and slowly."

"I'm sorry," Lorenzo gasped. Antonio just chuckled, forced Lorenzo's mouth open, grabbed his tongue, and very slowly, begin cutting his tongue off. Lorenzo screamed, but no one heard him at the all-too-loud cafeteria filled with intelligents shouting and talking. Then Lorenzo tried to call for help, but nothing came out. Antonio shoved Lorenzo's own tongue in front of his face.

"Pretty sight, isn't it?" With that, Antonio stabbed Lorenzo in the stomach and walked away, throwing Lorenzo's cut-off tongue at behind him, headed back to the cabin, flopped down on his own bed, and slept soundly.

The next day, Antonio was woken up by the same annoying alarm that had bugged him so much last year. Now, Antonio hopped out of bed and went to the bathroom to clean up. He noticed that the others were still groggily getting up. Perhaps last night's events had made them jittery. He smirked. Suckers.

Once he was done changing in to his usual plain white shirt and jeans, he walked out of the bathroom, whistling. "Antonio?" Antonio stopped and turned to where the voice had came from. It was Maximilliam.

"Antonio, did you hear about last night?"

"What happened last night? I went out of the cafeteria early last night. I got tired, so I went back to the cabin to get some sleep."

"Oh. Well, when we came out, we found Lorenzo there, slumped over with a knife in his stomach. Intelligents already handled the situation though. They don't even care that Lorenzo died. They say maybe he killed himself because he couldn't stand training anymore. They didn't even bother to investigate."

Antonio shrugged. "The intelligent is the intelligent. They make the rules, the laws, everything."

"You don't seem to care," Maximilliam noticed.

"You're talking about the guy who threatened me and made fun of me daily through out the years. I really don't care," and with that, Antonio walked away.

Midway, Maximilliam suddenly said, "Everyone deserves to live."

His back still turned to Maximilliam, Antonio replied, "Not Lorenzo. Not anybody who is that heartless," and walked out the cabin, slamming the door behind him.

Chapter 7Edit

Graduation was a breeze. Just them, their teacher, and several diplomas handed to them. It was not a ceremony. Just the Captain handing them licenses to kill, injure, hurt, control, or torture another human being or robot if they did not follow the rules. Antonio took the license and badge without question. Though he was glad that Lorenzo got the death he deserved, Antonio could feel a stirring of something inside him.

He needed that power, that feeling he had gotten when Lorenzo begged for his forgiveness, begged for Antonio to spare his pathetic life. At that very moment, Antonio was like a God, able to control whether one lived or not. Able to control whether Lorenzo gets killed painfully or just get a scar on his cheek. The control over someone's life.

But how? Kill more people? Maybe. Maybe he could kill those who were better than him, those who are in the way of his goal of becoming the number one intelligent. Antonio smiled at this thought. A brilliant plan, a plan worthy of Clyde the Intelligent himself.

"Antonio." Maximilliam's voice interupted his thoughts.

"What?" Antonio replied, quite annoyed.

"Just wanted to say goodbye," Maximilliam said quietly. "I'm headed down to Earth to the FBI headquarters tomorrow. Grace is coming too."

"Good. I hope I don't ever see your face again. Much less March's."

"You've changed. What happened to the boy that was fun and loving, all those years ago?"

"He grew up. Saw what life really was," Antonio shot back bitterly, "and life is messed up. Those who are poor stayed poor, for they are generous, and those who are rich would not give to the poor, for they are greedy. Those who are hurt stayed hurt, for they are afraid, but they comfort. Those who bullies never get hurt, never get caught, but they hurt people, physically and emotionally. That's life, and life is messed up." He laughs a bitter laugh. "The only way to get back to it all is to put them out of their misery. To kill them."

"Antonio-" Maximilliam started, but Antonio had already left, diploma and badge in hand, ready to become the president of the intelligece company, and to correct what once had been wrong.

Chapter 8Edit

Days passed, and days eventually became months, and months became years. Antonio assassinated many top intelligents, climbing slowly toward the top. Finally he was the Vice President of all intelligence, and he had just stirred up a brilliant plan to kill the President. Which is why he had invited the President to a private dinner at a meeting room to discuss about the future of the intelligence company.

Antonio, now 16 years-old and the youngest person ever to become Vice President, welcomed the President and his 6 body guards with his signature grin, flashing his bright, white teeth. "Sir, it's a pleasure for you to have come today. I assure you, nothing here is poisoned. I've tried out every single food myself."

The President grunted. "I sure hope so, young one. Just because I am impressed by your knowledge to kill and hack, does not mean I fully trust you."

Antonio laughed. "Shall we?" and sat down at the dining room table, where there was plenty of food, from caviar to pizza.

"Ah, my favorites," the President said as he picked up a corn on the cob and just as he was about to take a bite, one of his body guards came and took it out of his hands. He then scanned it with some kind of gadget to see if it was poisoned.

"Not poisoned, sir."

"Good. Why don't you check the rest of the food, and then the house to see if it's free of weapons." The body guards saluted and went on their way to check the house. Two of them stayed behind to check if the food was free of poison and weapons and to check if Antonio had any weapons on him. After a good 5 minutes silence and staring, the President's body guards came back reporting that the house was free of weapons, poison, or anything that could hurt or harm the President in any way.

"None here too, sir," the two body guards said after checking the whole table, food, and Antonio.

"You're all dismissed. You two," the President ordered, pointing at the two body guards who had stayed behind to check on the food,"will be staying here. The rest of you can guard the door." They all nodded and went to their positions.

"Are those the new top intelligents, sir?" Antonio asked. He had noticed that one of the body guards that was staying behind was Philip Trail.

"Yes. They were replaced after those others got killed mysteriously before you became my body guard. I'd say that we've got a double agent on our hands, perhaps." The President took a huge bite out of one of the cookies.

"Sir, did you ever had intelligence training?"

The President laughed. "Why, of course, sonny! We had to do all kinds of things. Killing, gadgets, you know, those kinds of stuff. Why?"

"Then, sir, you must know, that we were taught how to make a weapon out of the simplest things," Antonio said, picking up a fork and stabbing it on a broccoli.

"Oh, yes," the President laughed, mouth full of food. Disgusting pig, Antonio thought as he finished his broccoli. I must be doing a favor to the intelligence company for killing him.

"So, sir, how about a tool as simple as this fork?" Antonio asked, picking up 2 forks and turning it back and forth, examining it.

"Antonio?" The President had stopped laughing, eyeing Antonio suspiciously. The two body guards reached in to their pocket on the inside of their suit, ready to pull out the gun that hid there, but they were too late. With one quick move, Antonio threw the forks at both the body guards, aiming directly at their eyes. The guns dropped and screams were heard.

"Also, sir, one must always be sure the room is sound proof before killing anybody," Antonio said, walking towards the President, who was now standing, gun in his hands, aiming directly at Antonio. Antonio picked up the guns left by the body guards and shot them before turning back to the President. "Ah, that's better. Now, sir, drop the gun." As predicted, the President shot his gun, all of which Antonio dodged by hiding behind a near marble statue of Antonio himself. Soon, the shooting stopped. "Out of bullets, are we, sir?" Antonio said mockingly, laughing. "It's people like you who disgusts me."

The President laughed, and shot his last bullet directly at Antonio's chest.

Weirdly enough, Antonio was unharmed. Antonio opened his suit. "Bullet proof vests. The Captain had trained me well." Antonio laughed and shot at the President 6 times.

As if that hadn't been enough, Antonio took a knife from one of the body guard's body and started stabbing the President's head and face, first digging the eyes out, stabbing the face and carving into it, laughing all the while. "Who's the President now? Who said I couldn't do it? This is what you all deserve! All of you!" he laughed, his hands and his suit stained red with blood. He then kicked the limp body out of his way and went out to finish the rest of the body guards off silently.

After, he scurried back to the meeting room, grabbing a backpack he had hid earlier. He went into the bathroom, took out the clean suit in it, and changed. Antonio wiped his hands with a rag, fixed his hair, walked out the bathroom, and dumped the backpack, with the blood red suit in it, down a trash chute in the meeting room, sending it out into the wide and open space.

Antonio went out of the meeting room with a new suit that wasn't stained with blood, crying. Well, not really crying. He had put some eye drop in his eyes earlier, causing his eyes to water up. He ran down the hall, yelling, "The President! Someone help! Please, help." A nearby intelligent noticed, and went to check on Antonio. The youngest and toughest intelligent was crying. This can't be good.

"What's happened?" the intelligent asked, his voice full of concern.

"The President! Someone's murdered him. Please, help," Antonio wailed, on his knees.

"Y-yes, sir!" the intelligent immediately responded, and pulled out some kind of high-tech walkie-talkie out and talked in it, saying, "This is Class A, Class B, please reply."

"Yes, this is Class B," a voice said from the walkie-talkie.

"We got a emergency, floor 5, meeting room 786, President's been shot," the intelligent said urgently. "Please send back-up. Meet me there."

"Yes, sir," the voice said, and frantic shouting could be heard. "We're on our way."

The intelligent, his name apparently Kris, urged Antonio back up and dragged him towards the meeting room.

"Oh, please, don't ask me to go in there. I can't stand it," Antonio cried, "the President. Someone's done something horrid to him. His head stabbed, his heart shot. Please, help." Again, Antonio wailed and cried for good measure. "He's coming for me too, I bet. He's coming for me too," he added.

"J-just stay here, sir. I'm going in," Kris said frantically, pulled out a gun from his belt, and went in to the meeting room slowly. After a good 10 minutes, Kris returned, eyes widened in disbelief. Antonio noticed that his hands were trembling.

"I-is the killer still in there, Kris?" Antonio asked, making sure his own voice tremble a bit for a little effect. "A-are they gone?"

Kris gulped before replying. "The room is cleared, sir. But we have to move the President's body."

Soon after, other intelligents came running down the hallway to see the commotion. Antonio stared in to their eyes, said nothing, and merely pointed to the meeting room door, his hands trembling. I could've made a pretty good actor, Antonio thought to himself as the intelligents hurried in.

It was a funny sight for Antonio to watch afterwards. Some came out and puked right by the door. Some were reported to have fainted, and only a handful stood their ground and were calm enough to carry the dead President out of meeting room. Antonio made an excuse saying that he wouldn't be able to attend the funeral, that he and the President was so close, and one day, he's just gone. "It was all too much too handle," he head said while fake tears streamed down his cheek. "J-just take him."

Chapter 9Edit

Antonio sat on the large office chair in the official President's office. He was leaning back, his feet on the desk, and thinking about how sweet life is. It had been almost a week since the President died "mysteriously", and he had been named the new President just 2 days ago. He chuckled to himself. In just as little as 2 days, Antonio had killed about 50 people, claiming that they were law-breakers. He didn't even check to see if they were innocent or not. He just enjoyed the scream, the shouting of, "I'm innocent! Please, spare me!" He did all the killings himself, of course. Such a delicate job is right to be in the hands of someone like me, Antonio thought to himself cheerfully.

Just then, his secretary burst into the room. "Sir," he said, panting. "A guy named Maximilliam is here to see you."

Antonio stared and slowly put his feet off his desk. Calm, he thought to himself. I must be calm. He straightened up his suit and cleared his throat. "Send him in," said Antonio.

"Yes, sir, President." His secretary went to get the visitors, the ones Antonio thought would never show up. Maximilliam arrived soon after, and standing at his right was Grace, who was smirking for no particular reason. "How'd you get in here? Nobody's allowed to visit unless they've already scheduled one a year ago," Antonio said bitterly.

"Held a knife at your secretary's throat," Grace said cheerfully, as if hurting one of the intelligents was the greatest thing to do in life.

"She insisted," Maximilliam said. "I would've used a much gentler way. Bribing him or something."

Grace laughed. "Honestly, you're more of a girl then I am. Anyways, I'd best be leaving now. See you."

"Quite a charmer, isn't she?" Maximlliam chuckled when Grace was out of ear-shot.

Antonio just stared and cleared his throat. "Are we done here?" he asked in a cool and menacing tone. "I've got people that needs killing, and I won't have you to waste my time." His voice was slowly rising along with his temper.

"Look, I want to talk to you," Maximilliam said. "I found some disturbing things down on Earth. I don't know what to do. You can help me."

Antonio just nodded. Maximilliam took it as a sign to go on. "Look, the intelligent company is tricking us. They've destroyed Earth on purpose every time. They kept us here so they can rule over us and control us. They want to be in power, but once the people here finds out that Earth is fixed and rebel and demand to go on Earth, the intelligence company won't be worth anything anymore."

"And? What's this has to do with me?! I'm the president of this ship, you know."

"Look, Antonio. I've seen the way the robot human kids play down there. They're all happy, unaware that they aren't really alive and that we're controlling them. They sing, laugh, dance, love. When do you see any of that here?! Kids our age down on Earth will be hanging out with friends, not trained to kill and murder and hack. You're the number 1 intelligent and the President. You can help me rebel and change the intelligence company's mind, turn the ship around and go back to Earth, where we can start anew. I know you can."

Antonio glared at him as if he's gone mad. "Why should I help someone who ruined my life?" he asked, his voice demanding, cold and calculating. "Why would I help someone who hasn't helped me? How could I possibly help someone who made my life miserable?!" Antonio was shouting now, and he knew he was out of control but he didn't care.

Maximilliam cut him off. "I didn't!" he yelled. "I was helping you, for goodness sake! All those times I've comfort you when you were bullied, all those times I stood up for you, you've never thanked me once! Still, I did it, because you were my friend, and you still are."

Antonio temper rose to it's boiling point. "THEN STOP HELPING!" he shot back, his body shaking, his fists clenching. "Because you comforted me, I got weak. Because you stood up for me, I was worthless. When Lorenzo tripped me, spat on me, and beat me up, that's when I knew. You only comforted me because you want to make me weak and out of place. You only stood up for me to make me look like a worthless, helpless orphan. March too. All of you. You are all worthless. You are all meant to be killed."

Maximilliam face was red from anger. "That's not true," he said, his voice shaking. "When you were going through your whole 'revenge on Lorenzo' phase, I stood up for you when Phillip and Lorenzo called you a crazed lunatic. I stood up for you because I believed in you! I believed you were still the Antonio I knew, the one that wouldn't hurt a fly, the one that cracked jokes and was nice to everyone around him. But apparently, I was wrong." He turned around and started to leave.

Suddenly, Antonio said, "I will never help you. Not now, not ever. Not over my dead body. I will never help you." Antonio didn't recognize his own voice, so heartless and brutal. He realized that he liked it. It made him powerful. "Leave. Leave this ship. Go back to Earth where I will never see your face again. Go," he demanded, in the same voice he used before. "Or I will kill you myself."

"No matter how hard you try," Maximilliam said, his back still facing his friend,"you will never be able to get away from the truth. The intelligence is useless. All they want is power. And power is nothing." And for the first time in his life, Maximilliam walked away from his best friend.

Chapter 10Edit

It wasn't long until Antonio heard about the Revolutionary Generals, a group Maximilliam created to overthrow the intelligence. He just laughed at the thought. Maximilliam leading a group? Impossible. After all, Maximilliam had told him once that he had stage fright.

Now, he was reconsidering whether to doubt Maximilliam's power or not as he threw down the 20th report of the Revolutionary Generals on his desk. Threats were coming in everywhere, threats of revealing the truth to the ship, threats to make the robot humans become real beings, threats of killing Antonio. The other intelligents had gone to their cabins already, but Antonio had stayed for a while, trying to figure out how to defeat this so called "Revolutionary Generals".

It seems unlikely that Maximilliam would kill anybody, he would hardly touch a fly, Antonio thought, and frowned a little to himself as he sharpened his knife. But nevertheless, I must watch him. He held the knife up, examining it. He saw his reflection on the blade, his sandy cropped black hair, as dark as a nightmare, and his cold, emotionless blue eyes. He smiled, he teeth whiter than they'd been in the dim lit office. Suddenly, he got up, slid his blade on to his belt, grabbed his coat, and left.

Antonio sat at the head of the long rectangular meeting table twirling around his knife, listening intently to his right hand man, Arthur. He had called an emergency meeting with the 20 top intelligents. "We need to act right now, or they'll eat us alive! We have to be united, prepared, and most importantly, we have to make sure we don't have any spies inside the intelligence!" Arthur said quite dramatically, gesturing with his hands.

"Eat us alive?! I doubt that," one intelligent with a goatee said. "I say that we don't need to act as fast. I mean, seriously, where's this Maximilliam going to get his army from? We have an army, gadgets, and most importantly, training! I say we wait." The whole meeting room went in to chaos. Some argued that they don't need to act at all, that this was all just a small rebellion and would go away soon enough. Others said we should stay on guard. Antonio heard one man say that they should call for war.

"Silence, all of you!" Antonio suddenly yelled, standing up and threw his knife blade first onto the table. "One more word and I will be driving this blade into one of you! I call for this meeting for strategy, planning. And what do I get?! A team who can do nothing but argue and make comments that means nothing to this situation!"

"B-but sir, we're discussing what we should do, right?" one intelligent quietly said from the right side of the meeting table.

Antonio's temper raised to it's boiling point, something that kept happening this past few days. He pulled the knife out of the table and with one swift move, threw it directly at the intelligent's forehead. The intelligent's body went limp, his eyes staring in to space, unmoving. The blade had stuck and blood came pouring out from the side of the head, sliding down his cheek, onto his suit, and dripping down on the black office chair. The meeting room was deadly silent.

"Anyone else?" Antonio asked, his eyes scanning the intelligents in the room. "Anybody care to talk back to me? Want a knife in your head? Or do you prefer to die more painfully?" Antonio walked over to the young intelligent that had talked back to him, pulled the knife out of the intelligent's forehead, and walked right back as if nothing had happened. Blood was dripping all over the place. "Now, let's discuss some plans and strategies."

They talked and talked until about 1:30 AM spaceship time, discussing how they should approach the Revolutionary Generals. Afterwards, all the intelligents went out of the meeting room groggily, complaining about their need of coffee or anything that contains caffeine. Only one remained. Antonio. He was still sitting there, both hands twirling around a bloody knife, staring at it. An answer struck Antonio. All I need to do is kill their leader. All I need to do, is kill Maximilliam. Smiling, he stood up and made his way to the bathroom to clean up for work.

The answer was so simple. After all, Maximilliam was doing thing against the law. But aren't you? a voice inside Antonio asked as he walked in the bathroom and started fixing his hair, a voice that Antonio had tried many years to avoid. The voice of kindness, the voice of forgiveness. Didn't you kill fellow intelligents to get what you need? You can't kill Maximilliam. He was your friend.

"Shut up. Shut up, shut up, shut up!" he yelled to the voices. He caught a glimpse of himself on the bathroom mirror. "You don't need to tell me what to do! You can't," he screamed, pointing at the mirror. His hair was a mess, all tangled up and curling up in different places. His eyes held something it hadn't held before. Something that looked crazy. Fear hadn't gotten to Antonio in 3 years, but now, now he was afraid. Then the fear turned in to rage and anger.

Angry at himself for being this weak, angry at himself for feeling fear. Outraged, he punched the mirror with his fist. And then he snapped the sink off of the wall and slammed it on the ground. His knuckles and hands bloody, he fixed his tie a bit, smiled, and walked out of the bathroom as if nothing had happened.

Chapter 11Edit

"Sir, we've got an emergency!" Antonio's secretary yelled, bursting in to his office. "One of our ships has been stolen!"


"Our ship-" the secretary started, but was cut off by Antonio.

"I know! Who did it?"

"We've got no identification. The intelligents managing the control room say it might be someone from the Revolutionary Generals."

"Take me there. Now."

5 minutes walking down corridor after corridor gave Antonio enough time to arrange a plan in his head. He'll get another one-man ship himself and chase down the stolen ship. It can't be that hard.

"Sir, we're here," the secretary that Antonio never bother to learn the name of said. He opened the door to the control room.

"Okay, tell me what's going on," Antonio said, walking in to the room with large strides.

"1900 AM, we all came in and started working and then Bill over here said he smelled something funny, like gas. It was too late to investigate, because by then we were all knocked out cold. By the time I came to, I find a ship on the deck ready for take off. I tried communicating with the ship and warning it, but it just took off. And then we all started waking up and-" the intelligent was cut off by Antonio.

"So you're telling me that someone leaked gas in here, made you all fall asleep, and stole a ship? How can you all let something that reckless happen?" Antonio yelled. "What's the ship's indentification? Location? Who's managing it?!"

"Ship number 921, location is 2.5 miles away from the main ship, sir. We have no idea who's managing it. The person in the stolen ship seem to cut off all communication," an intelligent said quite professionally.

Antonio cursed silently. "You," he pointed at a random intelligent, "get me a ship. And get it ready for take off. As for all of you worthless creatures, continue your work."

The intelligent raced toward the take-off deck, Antonio following closely behind. As promised, there was already a ship there, ready for him. It was a small spacecraft, designed for only one person. It was slick and shiny and black. In a way, they look like jets, but with enhanced spaceship technologies. Antonio pushed forward and climbed onto the wings and into the ship. "You brainless freaks can't do a thing right," he mumbled as the top of the jet closed around him while putting on an earpiece. He strapped himself with seat belts and set his hands and the control. "Ready for lift off," he said, flicking a few switches on.

The engine roared to life and Antonio counted down, "Five, four, three, two," and he was off, leaving in a sudden flash of light. "Flying at 60 miles per hour, location: 2 miles west from main ship, no sign of stolen ship," Antonio said.

"Sir, enemy may be 20 miles away. East." a voice said nervously. "It seems that they're headed to Earth."

Antonio growled and turned the ship around violently. He turned the ship's speed up. "80 miles per hour, heading east. I'm going to kill the b*stard."

His anger vanished into calmness when Antonio spotted the stolen ship. It was a dark blue cruiser, used to hold about 50 people and managed by 2 captains. Hoping to communicate with the stolen ship, he tells the Ships Manager to hook his walkie talkie up with the stolen one. It was told that if 2 ships are both within a 2 miles radius, they will be able to communicate no matter what. He took out the walkie talkie attached to the right side of the wheel. "Show yourself if you don't want to explode," he threatened. "Talk."

The walkie talkie cracked before a scratchy voice came in. "Hello, Antonio. I hope you're doing well. I love this cruiser, by the way. Thanks for lending it to me."

"You will turn on your conference camera so I can see you face unless you want to be blown up in to a thousand little pieces of human waste," Antonio growled.

The screen on his dashboard flickered and cracked like an old TV that couldn't get any signals. An image formed, an image of a girl about his age with long blond hair and beautiful green eyes that flickered in the light. Antonio stood as still as ever, gaping at the person that had shown on the screen, controlling the stolen ship. The walkie talkie in his hands dropped and landed with a thud when is hit the side of the dashboard, still connected to the wire.

The girl was the one that he promised to write to each and every day, the girl was the one that cried when he left and threatened to hurt Maximilliam if anything had happened to him.

The girl, still standing there, her eyes full of sadness and depression, was March.

Chapter 12Edit

Antonio couldn't get anything out of his mouth but the question, "What are you doing here?"

March just stared at him like she was trying to figure out what had gone wrong. "What happened, Antonio?"

"Life," he stated simply. "Life happened. And Lorenzo. And realization."

"Y-you killed Ingrid, you know. You killed her when you knew she was innocent. You killed my mom."

Antonio had to control himself in order to not spit at the screen. He settled for a scowl instead. "She set you up for adoption! She had put you in an orphanage and then never turned back, not even once. She deserves to be killed."

"I found out a few days after you left. She came in and explained to me in private. We were in the girl's cabin alone, and we were sitting on my bunk," March said as if she hadn't heard Antonio's comment earlier, like she was just saying this because she needed to tell him. Like she was saying this to prove that she had never kept any secrets from him. "She pulled me in her arms. I pushed her away, and she looked so hurt, so shaken. And then she-" March's voice shook. She took in a deep breath before continuing. "She apologized. She started crying and sobbing this horrible sob. And she kept saying sorry over and over again, and she kept telling me that I had the right to hate her and just leave her be. She kept saying how much she hated herself, like every part of her was horrible."

"Good. She should feel that way after what she had done. She should hate herself forever. Luckily, I put her out of misery after killing her," Antonio laughed.

"Y-you know what she told me? She told me that the reason she gave me up was because she married this abusive man who would hit her when he got drunk or mad or when he just plain feel like it. She told me that she didn't want me to get hurt. She told me that just an hour ago he had died of a heart attack. And she came rushing here, hoping I wasn't gone yet. She told me that she had thought I had gone to live with another family and that if I had, she would've never told me."

"Did you make this up?" Antonio questioned the girl who had once been his friend.

"Antonio, when have I ever lied to you?" March asked, and for a moment, that very brief moment, Antonio hesitated. His coldness melted.

"I-I'm sorry, March. So sorry," he said, and he could feel tears welling up in his eyes as he tried to cry.

"Oh, don't let the little devil trick you," a voice said, coming from the screen. Suddenly there stood Grace, her light brown eyes shining and her black hair tied back in a ponytail. She was wearing a black jumpsuit with the intelligence logo, a simple sword that appears to be stuck in a rock, on the right side of her chest. She was eating a cookie. "Look, Antonio, we're here to do legit business. And if you're gonna treat poor princess here with your fake tears, then just forget about the offer we're gonna give you, okay?"

Antonio's face hardened. "What deal? I kill you right on the spot? Sound like a pretty good deal."

Grace laughed. "Hey Max!" she called. "Your friend is funny!"

"Shut up, Grace, and offer him the deal already!" Maximilliam yelled back.

"Ok, here's the deal. We won't spill the beans to anybody living on the ship and you, in return, let us wander safely to Earth."

"Where I'll never see you again?"

She pondered this for a moment. Then shrugged. "Depends."

"Depends on what?"

"Whether it works or not."

"What happens if it works?"

"Then we come back with an army."

"An army?"

"Yeah. You know, soldiers and all that. The works."

Antonio laughed. "You? An army?"

"And we'll give you little blondie over here as well." She pointed at March.

"Grace!" Max yelled. "We are not doing that. She's important to the mission."

"Alright, alright. So you up for it?" Grace asked Antonio.

Antonio, in return, smiled. "No."

But it was too late.

The screen went blank.

Chapter 13Edit

Antonio looked out the window and find the blue cruiser already in hyper speed, ready to go in wharp speed. He punched the wheel violently and yelled.

He slammed on the gas and started towards them as fast as he could while reaching his right hand to the big red "FIRE" button. Soon, 2 machine guns had came out from underneath the small space ship and was firing like crazy. Antonio's left hand still on the control wheel, he put his right on the target wheel, trying to get a clear shot at the blue cruiser's engine and wings.

"Enemy on the run! Enemy on the run! President requests backup! NOW!" Antonio yelled in to his head set. "I need at least 7 cruisers and 5 jets. Make sure all weapons are loaded and ready!"

"Yes, sir!" said a frantic voice from the head set. Antonio could hear shouting in the back ground.

Somehow, Maximilliam's cruiser was doing just fine, dodging the bullets and still in hyper speed. Antonio knew the machine guns wouldn't do. He had to add something with more of a boom to it.

He jerked his right hand back from the target wheel and started punching in the buttons and flicking on a few more. Then he pressed the same "FIRE" button as before. This time, missiles came from underneath the space craft and started to chase after Maximilliam's cruiser. Both of them went off with a giant but faint boom before even touching the cruiser. Outraged, Antonio fired 2 more. Both missed as the blue cruiser dodged left. "Where are the backups?!" Antonio yelled in to his head set.

"On their way, sir! They're coming as quick as they can!"

As if on cue, the 12 spacecrafts came out of nowhere. They, too, started shooting at the blue cruiser. "Use your missiles!" Antonio shouted into the walkie-talkie he had used earlier before when he had talked to March and Grace.

Suddenly the screen came crackling on like an old TV again. It seems as if Maximilliam has decided to turn on their communications. And there was Grace again, smirking this time. "See ya, suckers!" she yelled while waving.

And Just like that, the blue cruiser went to wharp speed and disappeared in to thin air, leaving only 12 dazed spacecrafts and a very, very stunned Antonio.

Antonio was outraged. He could've just.. shot at the stupid cruiser when he was talking to March. But you can't. Because you love them all. Even Grace, as annoying as she is.

The voice. Back again. You love March and Maximilliam. There's no way to hide from it. What you're doing now is wrong.

"No, no. This can't be happening again! They're out to destroy me, I say! All of them. I'm not safe here. I can't trust anyone anymore. J-just me and a handy gun. Knives too, I need knives," Antonio mumbled to himself, walking back and forth in his office.

His secretary, however, had other things in mind when he bursts into Antonio's office once again. "Sir! We got the person who showed Maximilliam the control room and helped him gas them!"

All thoughts of escaping and returning revenge to Maximilliam fell out of Antonio's brain and he stopped pacing and turned to his secretary. "Where? Where is he?"

"Interrogation room, sir," the secretary said, his dark brown eyes showing fear.

"Take me there."

When Antonio questioned his suspects, he rarely even talk to them. It didn't matter whether they were innocent or not, just as long as he has some excuse to kill them. No second thoughts. No thorough research. If you were a suspect, you were killed. End of story. It wasn't the greatest justice system, but Antonio was sure 200 years before the justice system down on Earth wasn't so great at first either.

But this suspect was special. He has information that Antonio needs in order to destroy the Revolutionary Generals once and for all. Antonio need thorough research and he needs to talk to him whenever possible and question him.

"I thought I killed you," Antonio said to the figure across from him. The light hanging from the ceiling was the only source of light in the dark interrogation room. The only thing there was in that dim lit room was a table made of stainless steel and two uncomfortable looking chairs. The figure occupied one of them. Antonio, on the other hand, was standing.

The man glared at Antonio through the messy dark black hair that had fallen in front of his scarred and dirty face, his hands chained to the chair arm with cuffs. "I was on a bathroom break. When I came back, they were all bloody and bruised and where their eyeballs were was replaced with knives jammed in their eye sockets. So I ran."

"I knew you were always a coward. Running whenever possible. I should've killed you along with all of them. But now, you've got no place to run." Antonio gestured towards the man's cuffs. "So you'll tell me one thing," Antonio said, leaning down towards the desk with his arms supporting him in order to get face to face with the man sitting in front of him. His voice was barely above a whisper, and it was sharp and dangerous and it came out with a hiss. "Why did you help them?"

The man glared back. "Why should I tell you?"

Antonio's temper flared. He stood up and went over to a small box placed on the edge of the metal table they were sitting at. He opened it and slid on multiple of rings on each finger, each of them stainless steel. Taking his time, he went over to the man chained up to his chair again. He leaned down so he could face the man face to face. He placed a fist to the man's chin. "I'll ask one more time," Antonio hissed. "Why did you help them?"

The man laughed a ruthless laugh. "You think I'll tell you after everything you did? I know you killed the President. I know you killed-" The man was cut off by something heavy and cold that struck his face. Antonio had punched him, but the man continued, blood coming out the corner of his mouth. "I know you killed all of them," he whispers.

Antonio punched him again, this time it was his stomach. The man groaned and coughed up blood, but said nothing. "You will tell me. Or it'll only get worse. After all, you were the one that made me what I am today."

"I had nothing to do with that."

"Oh sure. You know, I used to hear you all when you thought I was asleep, chuckling in the dark of that cabin, whispering about me and how clumsy I was, how stupid I was, how useless I was. It lasted for an year. An year," Antonio snarled, laughing. "But look who's here with me, hm? The wittle tiny follower." Antonio spat at him in disgust.

"So this is about revenge?" the man shouted, visibly struggling against the cuffs.

"Oh, no, no. I'm a very forgiving person, my dear friend. This is about my reputation, this is about the company's reputation, and this is about Maximiliam's stupid little group. That's why I'm prepared to offer you a deal," Antonio said, leaning down against the table again so he could face the man. He smirked. "You will spy for me, pretend you're part of the Revolutionary Generals. You will report to me daily, and tell me what the h*ll they're doing down on Earth. You will do it, because that's the only way you'll get out of here alive." Antonio whispered the last word in the man's ears, making him think twice before saying no. Silence hung before them as Antonio stood up straight again.

After a moment, the man seem to come to his decisions. "I-I'll tell you, I'll spy. I'll spy for you," the man said nervously, his brows furrowing, his forehead glistening with sweat.

Antonio laughed. "Oh, I knew you'll do it. You were always a scared little chicken, weren't you?" He ruffled the man's hair. The man just glared back, trembling with anger and fear. Antonio got serious again. "But if I find out that you're feeding me false information, you will be dead. You'll carry a miniature video camera at all times, and if you take it off, I'll know. It'll be on your watch." Antonio tossed the watch on the table that was sitting in his pants pocket the entire time. "It was nice doing business with you, Philip," Antonio said. He walked out the room, fixing his suit, and stopped at the doorway for just one more threat. "If you tell them, you know what I'm capable of doing." Then Antonio closed the door with a loud thud, making the light to automatically switch off, leaving Philip in the pitch black room, thinking about what he had just done.

Chapter 14Edit

The next day, Philip was released under the supervision of Antonio himself. "Just keep thinking that," Antonio whispered in Philip's ear as he was being lead out of the interrogation room out into the simple room full of computers and tiny box offices, "you're saving their lives. Because if you had said no in there, they would all be killed, right then and there."

"They wouldn't die. They are far more smarter than any of you," Philip snarled, struggling against the cuffs that kept his hands together behind his back. His appearance wasn't so good. His face was covered in dirt and grime, and there was still a nasty scar on his cheek from the time Antonio had hit him with the rings on Antonio's knuckles. There was a few more scars - almost healed - on his forehead. His dark black hair was still messy and it covered up part of his forehead and his eyes.

Antonio just laughed. "Smarter? What makes you think that?"

"Well, they did distract you at making you think there was going to be a deal, and then scurry off in to space," Philip said, smirking.

Antonio pulled at Philip's hair, making him shout in surprise. "You say anything out of line again, I'll make sure that big head of yours blow up into tiny little pieces," he threatened, chuckling. "You remember the deal, don't you, Philip?" It was more of a statement than a question. Philip just nodded nervously. "Good. Sent this suspect out," Antonio called to one of the intelligents on guard duty. He let go of Philip's hair with a push, causing Philip to stumble a few steps. "Oh, and Philip? One more favor. You were never caught by us."

Antonio smirked, threw the cuff keys to the intelligent he had called to on guard duty, and walked away. "Report to me about their plans tomorrow," he called back, his right hand doing a little wave.

When Antonio finally reached his office, he was expecting a little rest from work, which mainly means using knives as darts and throwing them at a life sized poster of Maximilliam. But what he found there was just as shocking as finding Philip alive and well. Antonio's heart skipped a beat even though he was mentally screaming at it on the inside. "What are you doing here?" he demanded, reaching for a taser on his weapons belt.

The girl stood up, aware that Antonio was reaching for a weapon. She put her hands up in defence and to show that she has no weapons on her. "I just want to talk," she said simply.

"Then talk," Antonio spat, this time taking out his gun and aiming it directly at the girl's head.

"I-I've came to realize something," she said, shaking.

"And what's that? That you can come spy on me?! Did Max sent you here?"

"No, I came here to tell you something. I left Max. I came for you, Antonio. Surely you can see what that means." Her tone was desperate.

"Spit it out. You're wasting time."

She took a deep breath before continuing. "I've come to realize that," she said, taking a pause. It was a long time before she continued. "That Max can never be you, Antonio, no matter what you've become."

It was then that Antonio's mind began to whirl and started spitting out what that sentence meant. And he knew, in the very back of his mind, at the bottom of his heart, that he felt the same way. No one can ever replace her, the girl that's standing in front of him, no matter what. And what makes it worse was that Antonio didn't know what to do, didn't know what to say, didn't know why it's there. He lowered his gun. He couldn't have killed her, anyways. "What does that mean?" Antonio asked, even though he knew exactly what it means.

"You know what it means. You could never lied to me. I saw fear in your eyes, Antonio. And I saw regret. I saw sympathy. You haven't changed." She smiled a knowing smile.

Antonio glowered and winced just a bit. "You don't know that, March."

Chapter 15Edit

"Take him out now!" Antonio yelled into the headset. "What part of this mission do you not understand?!"

"Y-yes sir," the trembling voice said into his ear. Gun shots were heard in the background. "We're trying our hardest, sir!"

"You best be," Antonio spat. He ripped the head set off, threw it on his desk, and collapsed on his office chair, his face buried in both hands. This was the fifth mission they had failed to carry out. The Revolutionary Generals had somehow hacked their system and started taking all the suspects of their case as refugees. A total of 25 people Antonio could've killed or imprisoned. And it was slowly adding up. The intelligence had also been getting in a lot more code reds, which means more of the human robots down on Earth are being set free and the intelligence can no longer control them. Antonio was smart enough to know that this was because of Maximilliam and Grace. He was on his last resort. Time for plan C. He picked up his office phone and dialed a number.

"Hello?" the gentle voice asked over the phone.

"March?" Antonio asked. "I need you to do me a favor."

So far Antonio has learned two things from Philip. Number one: the leaders of the Revolutionary Generals, Maximilliam and Grace, has headed down to Earth and tried to tell people who were willing to listen that they were fake, and once they had told them, they were free of all control and somehow become real humans. Number two: Maximilliam and Grace are creating riots everywhere, riots that include people protesting that they fight against this "mysterious force" that used to control them all. And the two leaders of the Revolutionary Generals were happy to lead. Only they didn't have enough people to fight yet. So there was still going to be a couple of months or two before all hell broke lose.

That was why he went to his last resort, to get help from March. To make her go back all sad like and make them believe Antonio has rejected her. Make her yet another spy. Philip wasn't part of their leader group, or that close to Maximilliam, therefore he wasn't much help. March, however, was almost a part of the leaders almost being responsible for going down to Earth and telling them the truth. Maximilliam trusted March as much as he trusted Grace. It was a good plan. One that he was sure had no flaws.

"Be safe, okay?" Antonio asked, hugging March close. "If you need help, I'll bust their heads open." It was the first comment that was affective towards someone Antonio had given in a long time.

"I will," March said, laughing. "Don't worry about me, okay?"

"But you know I will."

March just laughed and pecked him on his cheek. "Don't worry too much, then."

"Now that you've told me that," Antonio started, "I'll just worry a lot more." He pulled back and beamed at her and to give her small peck on the lips. She blushed beet red and started to fumble for the handle of her duffel bag she had beside her feet.

"I, uh, have to go," March mumbled, her voice barely audible. "I'll see you in a few weeks." She looked slightly hesitant when she said that, but Antonio just brushed it off.

"Alright, let me get that for you then," he said, acting like quite a gentleman.

She denied a bit quickly, setting herself between Antonio and her luggage. "Oh, no, no, Antonio, it's alright." After she saw Antonio's look on his face, she added, "I don't want you to be too tired, that's all."

"Alright, then," Antonio said, his tone unsure. She sighed in relief in her head.

"I'll be going. Don't miss me too much," March joked, just to light up the tension. She picked up her duffel bag and began to walk away, still facing Antonio. She then turned and started to walk down the corridor.

"Hey! I'm suppose to say that," Antonio called out, snapping back to his senses and chuckling.

"Whatever!" she yelled, her back to Antonio now. She waved. "See ya!" And just like that, she disappeared down the long corridor.

Antonio sat in his office chair yet again, yelling orders in his head set. "I told you to take him out! It's quite easy you know, you take that gun, you aim it at their head, and you pull the god forsaken trigger!"

"Y-yes sir, we did that, sir," the trembling voice said from the head set. Suddenly the intelligent stopped talking and there was a gun shot, followed by a scream and frantic orders and shouting. More gun shots followed rapidly.

And then all Antonio could hear was static. "Bob!" he yelled in to the head set, trying to get connection with the mission leader. "Where are you!? What's happened?"

"Gary's got shot in his leg, sir, we're trying to treat it!" There was a scream followed by a stream of cuss words in the back ground. "Stay still!"


"Oh, not you, sir, I was talking to Gary."

"Well, I don't care who got shot, let him bleed to death for all I care. Get the man! I want him killed!"

"Sir, if we leave him right now he'll die. He needs medical attention. Get someone!"

"I give the orders here, Bob. And I say leave him and go get the enemy!"

"Y-yes sir," he said, hesitantly.

"I don't care who's been shot, or who's blood is on your hands. I want that man killed now."

"But sir, Gary-"

"Leave him be!" Antonio bursts, unable to control his temper anymore. "Leave him! Leave all of them if you have to! Kill Gary if you have to. Do whatever it takes to get that man!"

"Look, sir, the last president would at least stop the mission, sir. He can make it if you just send the medics!" Bob was more than frustrated with the young president.

"Bob," Antonio said gently. "Do you want to keep your job?"

"Yessir," Bob replies, "I got mouths to feed."

"THEN LEAVE GARY AND GO KILL THE MAN WHO IS RUNNING AWAY RIGHT NOW!" Antonio yelled, then ripped the head set off his ear, throwing it carelessly on to his office desk. He crashed down on his chair and spun it so he was looking out the giant window that sat there behind him, took out his knife and began shining it with a cloth, something he did whenever he was stressed. When he was sure it was good enough for killing, he turned his chair back and threw it right at the head of a life size doll hanging there behind his door.

A beeping noise came from the computer, indicating there was some service on the miniature video camera he had secretly installed on one of March's coat buttons. He clicked open the video link and began to watch what was happening. The color was black and white and the quality wasn't the best. The screen of it moved and fizzed around like the really old TVs they had down on Earth hundreds of years ago. The voices were crisp and clear though, and Antonio could hear every single word being uttered out of their mouths.

"How was it, March?" That voice. Antonio knew that voice anywhere. That stupid, sarcastic voice. Grace.

"I-It was okay, I guess." March. Her voice could stand out in a crowd of millions of people shouting insults and fighting with each other.


"Not a lot."

"Aw, c'mon, dude! You go without us knowing, and you come back with no details about anything whatsoever? We might as well send a chicken or something."

"What is it with you and your obsession with chicken?" The only guy in the group. Maximilliam. He had shown up out of nowhere, and now he was talking teasingly at Grace, eating a fried chicken leg.

"And what is it with you and your obsession with fried chicken? They're unhealthy, you know."

"Yeah, I know."

"Know what else is unhealthy?"


"Staring at your face too much." Grace grinned widely, proud that she had just made that witty statement.

"Same to you, my friend. Same to you."

"Okay, guys, stop flirting with each other!" The arguing pair stopped and turned to March. Their faces were beet red.

"We were not flirting," Grace defenced.

"Yes, we were having a friendly discussion," Maximilliam added.

"Do you want to know what happened or not?"

"Yes! I've been waiting for a whole month!" Grace exclaimed. "Now get on with story time, man!"

March took a deep breath and started. "Well, I said I loved him."

"Ew, already? What are you, some teenaged Earth robots?"

March glared and Maximilliam laughed. "Where do you even come up with these things?"

Grace shrugged and March continued. "I didn't exactly said that," March said, glaring at Grace. "I was there for a week before I could gather up the courage to tell him. I-I told him I liked him, and if he'll be able to, you know, accept me." Here it comes, Antonio thought. The plan. Here comes the plan.

"So did he say yes?" Grace asked, excited and clearly much interested now.

"He-" Say no, March, come on.

"He said yes. The plan worked."

Yes! That's the plan, March! Wait. What?

Chapter 16Edit

The screen stared blankly back at Antonio. And Antonio stared blankly back at the screen. How is this possible? He was offline now. He had shut the video camera off as soon as Grace laughed and said that, and he quotes, "Antonio's never gonna know! Man, I want to see his face when he finds out. That is, if he ever does."

The plan. What is the plan, you ask? Well, this great, big plan consisted of March coming up to "Another Planet" and pretending to have feelings for Antonio. They knew that Antonio would accept because they had taken record of their conversation before when they were on the ship, and had taken it to some stupid Robot Human psychologist and he had analyzed it for them. And then, once Antonio had accepted and trusted her, he would definitely leave for work, giving March time to spy. But it was more than spying. She had even convinced a couple of intelligents that Antonio was no good, that they should keep a watchful eye on their president. She had even taken a couple of normal citizens down to Earth as well, which explains why she had asked Antonio for a bigger ship than a single-person ship. Antonio had thought that the extra room would be nice, so he had obliged. Now he regretted every single second that March was here.

Now he regretted every single word he had said, every single choice, every single ounce of trust that he had put in March. For the first time in his life, he feels betrayed. Normally, it's suppose to be him to leave, him to know what's going on, him to know what to do to strike the enemy down. Now, Antonio sat on the comfy office chair, shocked and still staring at the stupid blank computer screen. It was his secretary that snapped him out of his daze. "Sir! We've got an emergency, someone's bombed the whole main floor! We need to get out, now!"

The main floor. That was five floors below him. There's paper and computers and things that're highly flammable on those five floors below him. It was one of them. One of the intelligents. One of someone who's suppose to be working for me and is suppose to stand by my side at all times.

"Get me elevator 56," Antonio ordered, standing up and gathering only the most important documents. When he saw his secretary standing there, wide eyed, he yelled, "I said get me elevator 56! Why are you still standing there!?"

His secretary jumped and let out a little yelp. "Y-yes, sir," he said running off, Antonio hot on his trail.

"How did this happen?" Antonio demanded, still running.

"Someone-" his secretary panted, "planted. Bomb."

"Who!?" Antonio asked again, not running out of breath like his chubby secretary.

"Don't," - a wheeze - "know."

Antonio pushed him. Or bumped. Nevertheless, the chubby secretary stumbled a bit and went back to wheezing and running. "How could you not know!?" Antonio yelled, frustrated. Frustrated with March, with the fire, with everything and everyone.