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Screen shot 2012-01-27 at 9.57.40 PM

When push comes to shove

It ends up in hurt

After they left me

Hidden by dirt

I felt no remorse

No pain, no dismay

No pain, just nothing

Nothing that day

Something's wrong with me

You come to my side

I ask for freedom

The future I could not see

Soon I felt belonging

For new family I had found

I still miss the old ones

Hidden in the ground...

Sounds of laughter

sheltered me from the storm

When I felt bursts of hurt

You always kept me warm

But today feels different

Like something is wrong

"Wait, you're leaving?"

Suddenly, I'm not strong

Wait, what is this..

I look down to my core

There's a small bleeding hole

that's never been there before

My little bottle is cracking

I might burst this time

A little glass river crawls across

With every bullet, it loses it's prime

And then another

piercing me with hurt

Now the bottle is broken

and now I am hidden by the dirt...

Writer's Note:

I want to die. Too many emotions... ~Wise (Talk to me...if you dare!)

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