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Why am I so tempted

To leave and never come back?

To run until my lungs hurt

And even then keep running 'til I collapse?

No wrongs have been dealt to me

So why do I feel so forlorn?

Why has this desire overcome me

Why do I want so badly to leave?

I have all that I could ask for, and even more.

Everything except those words,

That I will never hear you say.

But that I am content without.

Why do I want to disappear --

To vanish without a trace?

There are those who I'd dearly miss

And longings I can't erase.

Yet even then my heart is begging

Even then my feet are pleading.

"Run," they tell me, "and don't look back."

But I fear it's something that I would regret.

I am bound by friendship,

By duty and loyalty.

Yet secretly I wish

To cast off those chains.

Why do I wish

To flee from this place

In a moment of reckless abandon --

A ghost without a face?

Why are my lungs fighting for air

Why can I barely breathe?

I am drowning,

Drowning in my desire to escape.

For sometimes I feel

That I do not belong.

Yet despite that, I will stay

Though my lingering may not be long.

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