Salvatore Rose


Vital Statistics
Date of Birth 1832
Current age 39
Gender Male

General Augustus Rose (Mentioned)

Status Deceased
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Brown
Height 5" 5'
Home Italy
Appearances Hidden Secrets

Salvatore Rose (born 1834 - died 1873) is a fictional character and supporting character in Hidden Secrets. An Italian-Immigrant, Rose fought in the Civil War and eventually found the town of Ironwood in 1866, where he became an architect.

In 1868, He joined a cult and, by using their understanding of magic, managed to build many triggers in the town that would show if dark magic was about. In 1873, The cult discovered he had the Malacarium as a sovenior from the Civil War and demanded to have it for their cult.

In 1873, He dropped the Malacarium into the Holland Hotel's foundation and shortly afterwards commited suicide via cyanide pills.



Events Before Hidden SecretsEdit







  • Inspiration came from numerous places, the study of Immigration to the US for one of my old History Projects, and Ivo Shandler from the Ghostbuster series played major parts.
  • Salvatore Rose is actually a Sicilian name, I used Italian though for a more immigration-esk feel.

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