Warning!!! Contains spoilers on The Second War for Earth!!!Edit

Sarolax's info


Is an Immortal but probably 1000 to 2500 years old.



Current position:

Former Dark Overlord of the Hentarius Empire, his regime.

Ruler of:

Hentarius, the Eastern part of Ancarius


Sometime in Year 500 of the First Age


December 25th of the Year 2507 of the First Age


The dark lord, Sarolax.


In the First War for Earth, Sarolax was only yet but a lieutenant of Hesius, the first evil of Earth. When Hesius was destroyed and his forces scattered, Sarolax united the evil forces of darkness and took up Hesius's Black Crown, crowning himself King of Immortals. The Immortals stood up against him, but were defeated. He later conquered part of Ancarius. Captured elves, he used, to make his foul and wretched Orcs. He later invaded the Capital City of men, Estarius, and punctured the formidable Dalagor line, a string of elven fortresses guarding the borders of Mycandaor. He started the Second War for Earth, which lasted for seven years. The free people of Earth continued to resist until the guardian of Earth, Helthrir, went to Kard-Bul, his dark fortress and fought Sarolax. Helthrir himself died killing Sarolax when the fortress collapsed, as Kard-Bul was tied to Sarolax's life.