It is going to be about a group of scientists, who have studied time travel. They look into the future, and see themselves and others be killed, murdered by someone who goes on killing. This is the story of them, trying to send messages to their future selves, and more importantly save them to stop the murders. If the murderer continues, he will join with others and blow up all the great places. This group can stop that. This group can save the world. But this group, is stuck in the past.....



1. Stuck in the Past - WIPEdit

  1. Stuck in the Past: Introduction
  2. Stuck in the Past: Chapter One

2. Lost in the Future - Not until 1 is done :)Edit

3. In the Rift of Time - Not until 1,2 are made :)Edit



The clock is ticking, their deaths are getting closer..Can they save themselves before it is too late?

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