I look across waves of black and blue

Wrestling about for the right of the seas.

Lights surround my body, penetrating the soul

Yet the heart does not move so easily.

The Sun begins to depart the evening sky,

Such an ephemeral cycle, how pitiless.

Emotions are careless, nothing can be denied.

Welcome to a world without definition.

There is no tragedy, nor any sign of hope

Within the shell that slowly fades away.

Coming into the reality can be hard

For those that chose to reap the past.

Closing my eyes, I wish to someday fly

With the Sun at my left, the moon on my right.

Dear Lyapunov, how cruel can judgment be?

And so time ends as it was meant to,

Giving birth to that which dies.

Sparks dance upon a shadowy dress.

Let us leave together and forsake

This place of wicked destruction.

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