I'm lost,

But I can find my way out.

I'm broken,

But I can piece myself together.

I cry,

But I can dry my own tears.

I'm unsteady,

But I can stand on my own two feet.

So darling,

Don't you worry about me.

So darling,

Don't you cry for me.

Don't you give me an arm to lean on --

I don't need one,

Don't give me a shoulder to cry on --

I don't need one.

No matter what the world throws at me,

No matter what rains down around me,

I'll be okay.

I'll be alright.

I'll plaster a smile on my face,

And I'll be perfectly fine.

If I tell myself this a thousand times,

One day it'll stop being a lie.

So darling, don't you worry about me

It's okay if you forget about me.

Even when I'm walking on broken glass,

I'll hold my head up and I'll let the pain pass.

I won't wish on a falling star,

For not even a thousand wishes will get you very far.

I'll glue myself together,

No matter how many times I fall apart.

I'll be strong,

I'll hang on.

So darling,

Don't you worry about me.

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