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Colors all around you, as we talk once more into the night.

Emerging from your gentle words, that help me see what's right.

Cyan becomes the backdrop, when I forget the moon's unloving loom.

Yellow is the sound I hear, laughter filling my empty room.

Red acts like my vibrant heart, too scared to beat outside.

Blue for the questions I want to ask, but I know you want to hide.

You don't see what you have, beauty and a caring soul.

Believe yourself just a shadow, the darkness had swallowed whole.

All the colors that you possess, marred by falls and those who leave.

That shattered visage, is not what I perceive.

One day I'll hold a mirror to you, silver and shiny glass.

You will see what I have seen, and let the darkness pass.

When you see your colors shining back, don't be afraid.

Unlike any shadow in the sun, darling I won't let you fade.

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