we could all grow wings

would we

be different

would we be friendlier

and nicer

and richer

and fuller

would we stop being interested

in wars

or bet on money while playing poker

would we be such as children

hopeless but happy

with our faces shining

with naiive happiness

or will we be angrier and meaner

fiercer and hungrier

maybe having something that we're not supposed to have

would make us worser than

we already are?

would flying through the skies

give us a bad person

or a good one

would children be like adults

only caring about money and clothes

or would it be the other way around?

is wishing for something bad

i wonder

what could be the purpose

of our brains

if we cannot make difference between evil and good

between love and body attraction

maybe we should just all give up




we should live just as we are

and take enjoyment from looking up at the sky

instead of hoping we could fly through it

on our own wings

birds are made for that

not we

i wonder


Author's Note:Edit

My entry for King's July contest. I know it's a poem, but it's what I came up with. Also, this is the first time I try writing poems with this kind of free style. Hope it's fine.



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