Fear her! (not mine)@

Third hero

"Slogthian is the Final Wepon!"- Slogthian


Mephosauria took demon DNA and began creating Slogthian. The creature was... less than menaceing and listening. so he regared her as a failure, she had great power and could bled in with humans perfectly, but had empaphy and compassion. he jettisoned her out into space so she landed on earth.. She was took in by a kindly demon coupple.

Later, she decided that she would use her vast powers to assist heroes like Black Mask,and Silver Fang.

Powers and PersonalityEdit

she can recover being blown into atoms, fly short distances, cause the strange creature like thing on her back to devour her opponents, despite her vast combat utility, she has an average intellect.

She is childlike. often asking for candy. she is strong-willed and a savage enemy if angered. She was instilled to say menacing things but because she is still a child they come out silly. she is desinged to be small so that she appears no-threatening, she uses this to her advantage in fights.

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