Just smile.

That's what they had always told her.

Just smile, to hide the pain.

Just smile, so you can make life easier for everyone else.

And so she did.

She smiled, and they thought that she was happy.

She smiled, and they thought that everything was alright.

She smiled, and they smiled back.

And they felt happy.

Nevermind that she was hurting inside.

Nevermind that she had shattered into a thousand pieces.

As long as they were happy, nothing else mattered.

So she just kept smiling.

Nevermind that no one bothered to ask her how she was doing.

Nevermind that no one ever tried to help.

Nevermind that no one knew.

Because she just kept smiling, to hide everything.

The pain, the loneliness, the scars.

She died at age sixteen, a smile on her face.

She had committed suicide.

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