A/N: This is Cello's present :)

They met when it snowed.

She had been driving to a ski resort when her car got stuck in a blizzard. It was supposed to be a picture-perfect vacation, a chance to get away from her hectic college life. Of course misfortune would befall her - she had the worst luck of everyone she knew.

He had been driving the same ski resort when his truck got stuck in a blizzard. He was visiting his uncle for the holidays, as his parents had gone off on a cruise to the Caribbean. He was completely unprepared - shocked, really. He had the best luck of everyone he knew - why had he gotten stuck in a blizzard?

She glanced out the car window, trying her best not to freak out. Luckily, she had been prepared for the worst. The backseat was stocked with supplies.

He glanced out the car window, swallowing down the panic that threatened to build up in him. All that he had with him was a crushed granola bar and a bottle of water.

Their eyes met, and she felt a tingle spread through her body. He felt as though he had received an electric shock. After several hours, she finally worked up the courage to smile at him. When he grinned back, she realized that he had an adorable smile.

They were engaged when it snowed.

They both visited the ski resort every year, always meeting up in a small coffee shop. He could always make her laugh; she could always soothe his worries. Eventually, they had exchanged emails and video-chatted every week. Slowly, he began to fall in love with her and she with him. Awhile later, they began dating.

After five years, he proposed to her. She accepted. Everything was perfect - her career as a professional photographer was blossoming, and he had found a job as a video game designer.

Nothing could possibly go wrong. Or so they thought.

She died when it snowed.

She had been skiing on the slopes when a jump went wrong. She hadn't been wearing a helmet, and as a result, suffered a fatal head injury.

He arrived too late. She was rushed to the emergency room, but died on the way. He held her limp and broken body in his arms, sobbing hysterically.

They met because of the snow, yet she was dead because of the snow.

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