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Snowfight of Epic ProportionsEdit

Jack Frost hid beneath an icy wall of...well, ice, breathing heavily. Great, he thought, just great. A snowball whizzed past his head, nearly hitting him when he checked how the war was going, but he managed to dodge the snowy attack on him. Why did he make that bet?

On a warm summer day, Jack and Santa were in the fields, arguing, as usual. "Frost on the window is way better than girly little presents!" Jack exclaimed. "At least I don't have such an unneeded sphere of control!" replied Santa angrily. "Yeah right! Everyone could live without a fathead delivering them presents, but I'm a whole part of the season! If I don't do my job, the world's seasons would be in chaos!" Jack angrily protested.

Suddenly, Jack had an idea. "Why don't we have a snowfight? Winner gets to be right and loser has to make snowcones for the winner for the rest of his life!" Jack said. "Deal's on," Santa replied, shaking hands with him.

The next day, the two treaded on the Winterlands, magical hills of winter that only magical people could enter. Santa was ready with his troop of elves, whilst Jack was fully prepared with his penguins. "THIS, IS, WAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRR!" Jack excaimed, by throwing a snowball at Santa. Santa dodged, hastily throwing his own snowball at Jack.

Soon, the whole field was filled with snowballs, fallen elves and lost penguins. It was down to Jack vs Santa and his last elf. Jack finally thought of something to beat his red-dressed adversary and his teammate.

Jack focused all of the Winterland's cold magic and concetrated it into a barrage of snowballs, dead set on hitting Santa. Santa's smug expression disappeared when he saw all of the snow about to hit him. "Oh," Santa said, "crud."

Jack released the snowballs and made an ice barrier around himself to make sure he didn't get hit. Santas was pelted with so many snowballs, it piled into a mountain now known as Mount Everest. The young elf's scream causd an avalanche, and he was hit too. As the snowy storm resided, the maical properties fled from the Winterlands. Jack was happy.

"I won!" he rejoiced. The shout was so loud, it caused an avalanche, which basically got Jack mauled.

However, Jack soon recovered, and he is now enjoying a snowcone prepared by the world's most famous giver. Santa sighed as Jack Frost ordered him to make a new one, because he threw the one he was eating at the start of the paragraph in the trashcan. "Just because I can," said Jack.

And that is why Mount Everest exists.

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